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Movie being released in 2D and 3D

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Ilana i don't know about anyone else, but when i heard about this yesterday i was really excited. while i don't know that it's uber necessary given where the story took us.

personally though i'm looking forward to what elements that they blow out to be 3D. it makes me wish that Divergent was too - especially with the zip lining scene. that would have been AWESOME

Julia I don't know... I mean, I'll try both, but I'm just thinking that 3D in such an awesome, epic action movie such as this one might be cheesy in 3D. I agree, though, the zip-lining scene would look AWESOME in 3D! I guess we'll have to see. :)

Dramapuppy I don't know. I saw Sea of Monsters in 3D and I noticed they kept putting random trees in front of things just to use the 3D. I hope they don't abuse it.

Ilana agreed. i feel like some movies aren't shot in 3D but that they are edited into it which may be odd.

i have a 3D TV - i should try watching Divergent converted from 2D to 3D to see what that's like before i make a real call :)

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