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The Mortal Instruments TV series?

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I heard a rumor that they are remaking TMI into a TV Series instead of movies. Is this because CoB was really bad?

Do you think this is a true rumor or is it fake?

Tamara Van dishoeck i think/hope it's true

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I think it will be good if they do. Because the movie was really bad (My sister hadn't read the books and they spoiled like the next three books to her.) also, they skipped important things and changed a lot.

In TV Series, they will have a lot of time to fix things as they go and fit everything in.

Shiah It's true I think its set to air in spring 2015 (I might be wrong)
The cast will most likely be different. The possible air date that I'm not sure I got right might have to be moved back. They want a lot of stuff to be different and for it to be well better. I have no problem with waiting as long as they use their time and make it good. Also I think that making it into a TV show is a really good idea. I think they'll be able to go into lots of detail and actually follow the books.

Shiah you might have to copy and paste that in. Sorry if you do.

And here's another.

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I am okay with a cast change, there were some of the cast that I liked in the movie, but not a lot.

Honestly I didn't care that the CoB movie was bad. I just want them to get it together for The Infernal Devices. :/

Lina I am really excited to see who they choose to play the parts, i liked the cast in the movie but i dont think ill mind if they change them as long as they fit the characters in the books

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I wouldn't mind if they kept some of the same cast. (like Simon, Magnus, Jace, Jocelyn, and Hodge) I didn't like the actress for Isabelle and I thought Clary was ok.

Shiah I think the casting for Simon, Magnus, and Jocelyn were pretty good. I wasn't to fond of the actor chosen for Jace. And this might be weird but when I was reading I imagined Hodge sort of like the guy from X Men whose name I can't remember. However most of the articles I read said they would probably start with a new cast and start right from the first book. Which makes sense and I do want to see some of the scenes they missed in the movie made. And I will be sad to see some of the movie cast members most likely gone but other then that I'm excited.

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I forgot to add Alec to my list. I liked Alec.

Are you thinking of Hugh Jackman or Patrick Stewart? or someone else..

Shiah Patrick Stewart thanks for that sorry I couldn't remember his name.

I also forgot Alec the actor cast as him did a very good job.

KirstyReads I think a tv series will be good because they could make each season a book and that way they'd be able to include pretty much everything into it!

I was disappointed in the movie because they left so much out and also, although I was happy with some of the actors chosen for the movie I didn't think they portrayed the characters very well sigh :(

Shiah I think it would be interesting for each book to be a season as long as they space it correctly. If they're left with to many episodes to fill with nothing to fill them with I'm worried they might take to their own imagination.

Chris G I hope that is true because the movie did not do the book justice at all. I think they could do so much better, and put so much more detail into a television series

KirstyReads I totally agree with you Chris!

Ilana i feel like there's so much that goes on in the books that there could be some decent longevity behind a series. think about how much they tried to cram into the movie and ultimately didnt? i keep thinking about the scenes that i loved in the book that never materialized in the movie.

so all in all as long as they do some decent casting - with the sheer volume of books in the series - this is something that could last on The CW for a long time

Ashley If they do this, they're going to need a really nice budget size. If not, it will look horribly cheap.

Naomi Speakman It depends which network picks it up.
The CW would be a good choice, with TVD and stuff.

Oh, and have you guys heard that Conor McLain wants to audition for the role of Sebastian? I'm so happy!

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A Well the movie was TERRIBLE, so i would like CoB remade and hopefully better. I saw it with my friend, who had just started the series because i told her to (and now she lovess it) and they spiled the next 2 books for her, and i had to act like the things they said weren´t true. I wouldn´t mind if they kept some of the cast, but i didn´t like Isabbelle´s or Magnus´actors entirely.

SafiraAeryn I read the first book in the series when it first came out. Unfortunately, while I finished the book I never really had the urge to read the rest of the series.... Until I saw the movie. Honestly, I liked it. Had a "light bulb" moment of ahh that's what its about. Since then I have read and enjoyed the whole series.

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