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Sacred life of Kafirs

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hari He (Allah (sic)) does not approve of the taking of life, be it another's or one's own , for he says that life is sacred, "Mulla Faizullah to Mariam", A Thousand Splendid Suns....According to Quran there are two kind of peoples, sacred muslims and kafirs. Is it ok to kill Kafirs? . people all over the world really want an answer, they are searching for it because we are losing so many kafirs day by day.

مها Hi Hari !
Althought i dont know the connection between the novel and the question .. But the answer is absolutely NO unless they try to kill Muslims or occupy their counties

hari Thanks for ur time .Killing in self defence is not necessarily a crime But killing people by tagging them as kafirs is not a holy act .BTW do read the book,its a wonderful one, u wont regret . thanks .

مها Sure i totally agree with u ..i did and it breaked my heart ..u re welcome :)

Aliyah First things first. Killing of the innocent is NOT okay by either human rights nor religious laws.
A Kaffir is a nonbeliever; he doesn't necessarily have to be evil or bad. He just doesn't believe.
Taking a life is considered a sin. Be it of your own or someone else's, it is believed in Islam that God gives you life and only He has the right to take it.
The killings that have been done on the other hand are a different story. Killing Kaffirs, innocent or not, is not in anyone's hands. Terrorist attacks, suicide bombs and the likes are done by those who are taught to believe that dying in the name of your religion is good. And not that I'm against that saying, but when it comes to killing thousands and even hundreds of innocent, believers and nonbelievers, just to claim yourself as a martyr Heaven is waiting for is still contradicting whatever has been written in the Holy Book.

Sorry for the long post. This is just a topic I feel strongly about.

hari point taken, as a human being i am against dying and killing in the name of religion and strongly oppose the idea .
The concept of "Kaffir" is unacceptable there is no second class citizens in the world at least in the eyes of god
liberal muslims should come forward and encourage a Debate on this very subject. It is necessary to find a way to stop the bloodshed. Let there be an ideological Jihad to revive Islam. Sorry for the late reply . Have a nice day .Aliyah . Thanks

Robin From my understanding, Kaffir is used as a derogatory word for all non-muslims or as in Apartheid South Africa, a word for blacks. Strickly speaking, a Kaffir is a non-believer but of course it has changed with use unfortunately.

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Sam The Quran states that the punishment for those who spread corruption in the land is death.

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Sam MSNBC is proof that the American experiment has failed and we need to gas the kafirs and put them into ovens.

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