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message 1: by Kayla (new)

Kayla  (cannkayla) | 1 comments Hi, I am Kayla from Northern Ireland, but I hope to go to University in Ireland to study Engineering, and possibly live there once I graduate.

I like reading Young Adult novels, but I am interested in Nazi Germany, which means that I will read anything about WWII and Germany. But my favourite book is probably The Book Thief, as I think it is excellently written!

I spend most of my spare time reading, rowing and completing Rubik's Cubes.

I hope you have a good day,

message 2: by Sara (new)

Sara | 2357 comments Mod
Welcome Kayla. Emma and I are the group moderators. Send us a private message if you have any questions. Every 3 months we have a Quarterly Irish read. The November to January one is The Book of Lost Things. We also have a quarterly Irish movie selection. The November to January one is Breakfast on Pluto. Finally every month we have have a monthly group read. For November, we're reading The Handmaid's Tale. We also discuss all manners of book and other topics.

message 3: by Allan (new)

Allan Hi Kayla, from another NI resident-there aren't too many of us in the group, though there's quite a bit of interest in NI fiction amongst some members. Welcome!

If I remember, The Book Thief was one of our monthly reads earlier this year, so you should be able to find the discussion thread quite easily.

If you're into books featuring Nazi Germany, can I recommend HHhH, which is set in occupied Prague, and features a fictionalized version of the assassination of 'the hangman of Prague', Reinhard Heydrich. Very entertaining, and a book that you'll also learn from.

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma Flanagan (emma89) Welcome to the group Kayla. I see Sara has gotten you up to speed on the group.

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul Welcome to the group Kayla.

message 6: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Sutter | 48 comments Hi, Kayla. Welcome. I'm fairly well to the site myself, and it's wonderful. Since you're into WW2, if you haven't already, you will want to read "The Reader" or get the movie from your library. It stars Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. It's POWERFUL.

message 7: by Donna (new)

Donna McCaul Thibodeau (celtic_donna) | 1141 comments Welcome to the group, Kayla!

message 8: by Scott (new)

Scott R. Larson (scottla) | 28 comments Greetings, Kayla.

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