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Addition to Alcohol and Drugs

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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Dear Classmates,
Im contining to reading A Million Little Piece,by James Frey. James has an addition with Drugs and Alcohol,his in a rehablition center where he has been put in a family program, he doesnt like the idea that his parents are going to be around him a couple of days to join him in this program. even if James talks to his oarents over the phone he gets that anger feeling towards them.He joins his parents , and he has to confess about how he started his addiction or why did he start at a young age he started. James started at the age of 12 and his parents disnt even know he started at this young age.They seemed to be conserned about him but its to late for that. his parent get very emotional after hearing that james was doing all of this as a kid. His mom said that when James was 14 years old she found a bag of pot in his jacket. I think as a mom after seeing this i think you should do somehing about it before its to late could she have done something yes but it seems like she was scared of james. James has been through aloot in his life not only being an addit but also getting in to a whole lot of trouble with the states he has charges against him for hitting an officer. In Ohio he has to do three years in jail and he has no choice the other states let him to his time in rehab but this is the only state that wants him to actually do the time. He dosent want to leave to the time cause he has met a lot of people in that place even though at frist he didnt like anyone he wanted everything to be his way. but James has changed alot through the period of time that he has been there in rehab. Especially Lilly who is this girl that he really likes shes addict to pills and crack and she also used to sell herself after her mom sold her for the first tim so she can but herself drugs, which i think thats horrible to do to a girl espeacilly at such a young age she was basically dmaged for the rest of he life. James and Lilly get along pretty good that they both end up falling in love with eachother but james speacilist worker thinks its not a good idea for them to be seening eachother.The reason why i think this is because if to addicts get together they can start to fall back in to there habits of there addiction and start otherthings, thats why they dont want them to be seening eachother.

Do you think this effects society?

Do you think rehab actually works for people with addictions?

Carrie I think rehab is a helpful tool for people who battle addictions. I do not think rehab cures the addiction, or is the reason why people stay clean and sober. People can kick because of willpower to overcome, and that only comes from within, a inner strength that no book, no rehab can give you.

message 3: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Pridgeon I do think rehab works for people that are trying to stop doing something it does work for some people though that stay focus.

message 4: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Lowenfeld Nice post, what can we and should we do about addiction? Is there any way we can prevent it?

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