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Janene Dear classmates,
What I read so far of my book is very sad. In Africa there was a civil war going on. The main character Deo has gone through very tough times. He was the only one from his family that escape from this war. When he was trying to escape the war he got caught twice. He had to walk through dead bodies. I would be tramatized for life. I dont think I would be able to escape if there was a civil war. He went days with out eating. Deo was a medical student so he knew what to do when he thought he was getting sick. He got shot onced and she checked himself how deep his cut was. He was being his own patient. I feel so bad that he is going through so much. He is trying so hard to get out of his country. He has been on the run for 6 months and 5 months with a stomach pain. He has passed by rain and thunder. It broke reading this he is alone and doesn't trust anyone. He ran into a lady that tried helping him. They ran into miltiamen. they knew he was escaping the lady said that was his son. They didn't believed her. Here I thought they were going to kill him. The man told him to stand in front of him and he did. The man cut him from the tip of his nose to his hairline. I wonder how can a human being do this to another human being. Do you not have a heart? He walked the streets of Ugwanda and saw one of his friends Jean. He told him was he was going through and he said he could get him a visa. He got visa to the United States (this was all a flashback). Now that Deo was in the united states he couldnt't sleep at night he would think about all the dead bodies he saw. He also thought about how cold he was. Nights were the worst part for Deo. He doesn't how Charlie and his wife wanted to help him. It was hard for him to trust that someone wanted to help him. Even when he got to new york he was facing Racisim but not as bad as it was in Africa. He is now going to Columbia University to learn english. He is not trying his best. I don't know why he is not trying i feel that he feels he never going to learn the language.
Do you think you would survive in a civil war?
Do you think people that come from other countries have a second opportunties to life?
Do you think racisim still exist?

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Janene bbhb

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