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Hey there!

Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Hey! :)

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Have any idea what you want to do?

Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments I'm not so sure, but I'm up for maybe a heta-town rp? Like it's the perfect town, but theres something peculiar or unnerving about the town.

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Oh, that sounds interesting. Who would you like to be? Should we do Madagascar and America?

Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Sure! That'd be great! :)

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Did you want to start?

Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Yep!


With her legs crossed as she sat in a cafe, Nataly rapidly typed out a chapter for her latest novel. She just came back from university and was now living in the quaint town after she inherited a lovely, elaborate townhouse. Supporting herself as taking up a job as a clinical psychologist (Trust me, the road a tough for her, especially because she had major competition, but she achieved her dream at least) and writing self help books, she took the occasional sip of mint hot chocolate. She had wire-framed "hipster" glasses on and a pair of jeans, with a white cardigan and sea-foam blue t-shirt, with black sneakers.

She sighed as she sat back in ehr seat, leaning in the chair as she inhaled the aroma of coffee wafting in the air. At least it was her day off today.

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A man walked in and ordered the largest coffee that they had. He then walked over to the sweeteners and used one of each kind. He then sat down a table away from Nataly and started to read the newspaper with his overly sweetened coffee on the table.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly continued typing quickly, taking a quick glance at the man who was using sweetners, and a lot of it. He could be at risk of becoming diabetic or getting high blood pressure, but since when was that her business... She continued typing, until her laptop case fell off the shaky table. She grumbled in frustration, as she bent down to pick up the case, tresses of her hair a curtain over her face.

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"Let me get that." the man said and picked up her laptop case off the floor. He then offered her a large and rather goofy smile. His breath now smelled of overly sweet coffee, but he didn't seem to pay mind to it.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly looked at the man, giving him a shy smile as she murmured a timid 'thank you', brushing a strand of hair out of her face. Okay, he was cute. Really cute. How could your describe him? Oh yeah, cute.

'God dammit hormones.' Nataly thought, as she looked at her feet bashfully. Okay, her normal reaction to a cute guy: Be shy. Bashful. Timid. Demure. What other vocabulary could she use to describe herself when she first met a stranger? Oh yeah. Secluded. Her fingers fumbled with each other, as she tried to ask him what his name was, as the shrunken, green wings on her back flutter a little bit, tempted to revert to normal size and allow her to flutter away with ease.

But she stayed grounded, eyes glued to the ground, feeling like a complete, incompetent idiot.

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The guy blinked and tilted his head,"You okay? Did I do something wrong?" he asked. "I seem to do that a lot, so I am sorry if I did." he said and scratched the back of his head. "My name is Alfred if you wanna yell at me."

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments "No! No! It's alright I just get nervous when someone helps me, because I don't know how to treat them or say thanks... Social awkwardness, you know?" Nataly replied, hands frantically waving in front of her. "You don't have to apologize, I should be the one apologising for that." She continued, as she gave him a timid smile, looking up.

Cue her wanting to be sent to a different galaxy for attempting to communicate with this guy. "I'm Nataly. It's nice to meet you, Alfred." She said in a shy voice, once again looking at the ground.

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"Eh, I understand. I usually don't talk to anyone except my friends. Of course I may try to make conversation with a pretty woman like you, Ms. Nataly." he said and offered a kind smile. He looked bright and confident. He seems like he has done this many times before.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly blushed at the compliment, brushing a lock of hair behind her ears, as she looked up at Alfred. "Um, thank you." She said once again. Sure wasn't used to facing such behaviour, seeing as she was an introvert and only received compliments from her family. Her hands fumbled with each other once again, as the wings on her back fluttered utterly fast. "So, um... How can I thank you?" She asked, as she took off her glasses and began rubbing them with the hem of her t-shirt (Which was a bright contrast compared to her skin tone), then putting them back on. He seemed pretty charismatic.

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"Well, to start, you can allow me to join you." he said and patted the empty seat across from her. His face beamed with hope that he would be able to actually have a girlfriend, even if it was for a short time.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments "Sure!" Nataly said, allowing him to sit down, her legs crossed. He seemed pretty nice, and she felt the red on her cheeks begin to diffuse. She took a sip of her mint chocolate coffee. "So... Where are you from?"

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Alfred retrieved his drink and sat down across from her. "I am actually from Boston. I moved here when I was little because my mom lost her job." he said and smiled. "How about you?" he asked and took a sip of his coffee.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments "I came all the way from France, but spent a few years back in the country of my birth, Madagascar. My mother is French and my father is Malagasy." Nataly said, as she took her glasses off and put them in their cozy case.

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"I've always wanted to go to France! Is it really as they say it is?" he asked and tilted his head. "I heard that the cities are beautiful. And the bells in Paris are magnificent!"

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments "The cities are splendid and full of rich history and culture! Paris is so beautiful. I miss it, in fact." Nataly said, as she smiled and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, with a wistful sigh escaping her lips. "I really miss the river Seine and the Norte Dame Cathedral. I used to go there for church." She continued, fiddling with a cross necklace around her petite neck. "My mother persuaded me to move here for a stable career. She and dad are back in Madagascar for ny father's local tourist business. I just wonder when I can go back to meet them, just for a few weeks. I've already made a few travel arrangements."

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Alfred smiled,"That sounds fantastic!" he said. "I really hope to see that some day, but I am so piled down with work that I can't even think about a vacation right now." He shifted in his chair and gave her a bright smile.

"I can help you fund it if you want."

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments "You don't have to! After all, my mother's side of the family is also funding it. I'll be alright." She said, smiling. "But I do hope that maybe you can come to Madagascar with me. It's an amazing place, with diverse nature." She continued, with her dark brown eyes shining with warmth at his offer to fund it. "So if you're interested, I'm happy to be your local tour guide to my home."

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Alfred smiled,"That would be fantastic! I have always wanted to travel around the world!" he then flinched and scratched the back of his head. "But are you sure you are comfortable going with someone you just met?"

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments "Well, I've already made bookings." Nataly said. "So maybe next time? But that's going to be until four months later. Every four months, i visit Madagascar or France, but that depends on the location my parents are in. But hey, do you want to come to my flat now? My aunt says I make some pretty good coffee, so I can treat you to a homemade blend my mother and father made when they had a date at a my grandfather's coffee shop in France." She continued, putting her laptop in the laptop case and zipping it up, placing it in the satchel hanging off the back of her chair.

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"Maybe." He said with a large smile. He then flinched,"You're going to let a guy you just met go to the place where you live?" he asked. His face turned a bright shade of red and he took a sip of his coffee.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments "Well, you don't seem that bad. Other than some others guys I met. They pretty much ended up in a hospital." Nataly said, rubbing the back of her head, hoping that statement wouldn't drive Alfred away. "Besides, no offense to the people who make the coffee here, it is splendid and delicious, but I think my parents make better coffee."

He seemed friendly, cordial. She was too trusting, her parents said, but for now, she wanted to communicate. The lack of social interaction was terrible for her, and getting to know someone else in this quaint town would be nice. "Do you have siblings, by the way?"

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Alfred gave a nervous smile," Well, at least you know how to take care of yourself." His smile then relaxed and grew. "Does this mean I don't have to squish the bug?" He offered a small laugh.
"I'm sure anything home made is better than store bought." He said softly.

"I do have three older brothers. They kind of raised me, but I got out of the house as soon as I could. It was really loud and obnoxious. They wanted me to pay for everything I wanted anyway, so it wouldn't of made a difference if I left or not."

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly grinned bashfully, a small laugh escaping her lips. "Nah, you don't need to squish any bugs." She said, chin now resting on her hands.

There was a hair clip with a floral pattern in her hair, that was slowly slipping down. "I have a sibling. She always wears her hair in pigtails with these elaborate red ribbons. She's back in France with my parents. I miss her."

"Your siblings seem to be pretty... Distanced, to say." She hoped she didn't offend him.

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Alfred silently cheered by thrusting his fist into the air.

"Can't you video chat with them? I know its not the same as seeing them in person, but it helps ease the ache of them not being there." He said carefully and put his chin in one of his hands.

He nodded and smiled,"Yeah, but it's made all of the difference in the world. I'm a free person and that is all I care about."

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly smiled, rolling her eyes and laughing, then sighing. "My sister attends a boarding school. You can say they're pretty... Traditional. Not that much connection with technology, so I can't video chat with her unless it's during her school holidays."

"Well, you do seem to adore freedom. It must be quite a priority on your list." She continued, standing up. "Well, do you wanna come on over to my flat? After all, perhaps my parents coffee would be better than the one you're sipping on now. It's also just a five minute walk."

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Alfred's eyes widened,"That must suck!" he said and crossed his arms. "I can't live a day without my phone for more than a day."

"It is. I can't stand being restricted in any way." He said and stood with her. "Sure." he smiled at her and pushed in his chair.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly simply rolled her eyes, pushing open the door and holding it for Alfred. "My sister can bring her phone, but she barely uses it." She said, smiling at the childish gesture of Alfred.

"I don't like being controlled. After all, I've got this life to explore. I can't just use it to conform to shit." She said.

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Alfred smiled, weirded out that he wasn't the one holding the door. "I would use it every day." he said and walked through the door.

"Same." he said and moved out of the way of the pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments "I use my phone, but since I'm occupied with work, I barely use it, unless it's a lunch break at work and stuff." Nataly said, walking along with Alfred. "Did you ever feel like you had restraints back in your old home, with your siblings?"

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"I always try to find a time to check it out." he said and blushed slightly.

"I always did. That is why I left and got a full time job." He said and sighed. "They still are upset that I left them."

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly noticed the red tinge that seeped into Alfred's cheeks, but paid little attention. She thought it was a little bit cute. "Well, everyone has their own individual path in life. People won't be stuck together physically for long, but emotionally, yes. They'll always be in your heart. After all, they must understand that this is the best path for you."

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"Yeah, but they thought I wasn't ready and they don't think that I will last much longer on my own." He said and smiled. "But I'm pretty happy with where I am."

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly nodded, and after passing one more block, arrived at her flat. "I'm sure you will. You seem capable of taking care of yourself." She said, opening the door to the lobby and holding it for Alfred.

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Alfred nodded to thank her and walked in and looked around," I know I will. I won't go down easily. Not without throwing punches."

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly walked over to the elevator, pressing the up button. "You seem pretty headstrong." She said, crossing her arms, weight focused on her right leg, with her hip jutting out. "I like that."

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He smiled very large and leaned against the wall,"thank yo-" he said and his feet slipped out from under him and he fell to the ground. Looks like they polished the floors earlier.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Cue Nataly laughing, doubling over as she covered her mouth. After her laughing ceased, she offered a hand out for him. "Guess they polished the floors. Pretty annoying, huh?" She said, a small grin on her face, a few strands of air in front of her eyes.

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Alfred's face was a very bright red and he took her hand, hoisting himself up. "I just thought my shoes had better traction than that." He said and kept his eyes glued to the ground, almost glaring at it.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly dragged Alfred into the now available elevator, pushing the button for the 17th floor. "Friction is a bitch." She said, leaning against the wall of the elevator, as the doors shut.

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"No friction is." He said with a big grin. He then started to laugh uncontrollably.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly simply listened to Alfred laugh. "Friction always is a bitch." She said, adjusting the hair clip in her hair.

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Sa-Human rights! | 481 comments Nataly simply listened to Alfred laugh. "Friction always is a bitch." She said, adjusting the hair clip in her hair.

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He finally calmed down and sighed, lifting his glasses and wiping the tears from his eyes.

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