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What do you wanna do for a RP?

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No... I like twist plots

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Like 2 totaly different people date. Not 2 popular. I like people like that dont have much populairty besides their friends.

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Football player with a shadey background dates a 1st classcheer leader with the most perfect life (Witch is a little depressing) and he enters her life, making it alot less depressing by taking her places her parents wouldnt allow, but ed lie and say they are going somewhere else.

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He smiled, hanging with his friends behind the school. they were talking about their dates... execpt Marcos. he's been to busy with his home life to date, but he did have a small crush on a cheerleader.

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(You don't have to write as long. I'm a little advanced if i wanna be)

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the saw her, and smiled. the other guys looked at way he was looking, then punched him. "YOU CANT LIKE HER!" they started kicking him. All then knew that Jace liked her, and only he could have her, but he was a little bit of a stalker. They kept beating him for being a moron.

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he got up, a little blood dripping from his nose "Im fine" he sighed, getting up to use the boys bathroom to clean up the blood. He hated his life alot. And so did everyone else.

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(sorry. Edited)

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he sighed. he went back out side, going to a lunch table.

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he saw her. he didnt dare to look at her.

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he saw he. He walked over to her "you okay?"

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"Oh my go" he saw jace, and grabbed him, punching his gun

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he came back "I dont know"

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"Hey. its okay" he put his hand out for her to grab.

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he smiled at her. he felt her soft and warm hand, smiling into her eyes

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he grabbed her around her hips

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he smiled at her, and stopped. he wanted to just help her up. he let go.

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"its fine" He smiled at her. she looked so beautiful

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he smiled, but he herd the bell for first hour ring. he sighed "Well, i gotta get to class" they had the first hour class together. They were in math, then they had to split for sports.

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he smiled at her. But then rememberd what happened earilier. he started to walk faster.

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he started walking a little faster. he wanted to avoid her. They couldnt date. He'd get beat gain and again.

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he went to his locker.

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"About what?" he said, getting his books and laptop.

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He followed her

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he walked with her, closing the door "What?"

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he walked by her "nothing. Why?"

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"No. its just... i dont know. I felt akward"

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He blushed a little "A little"

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"Oh..." he didnt know what to do.

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he turned redder. he got his stuff, walking to the door. he tried to turn the knob, but it was locked.

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he looked at her. he sighed "Listen. i like you... but dont throw yourself at me."

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he smiled at her. "Do you have the key?"

(Have her put it somewhere and he has to find it or something like that)

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"Shit" he looked at her, patting her pockets

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he looked at her "Upper or lower body?"

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"Shit..." he looked for a pocket on her shirt.

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there was none. "Thats not fair" he smiled

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"Shit" he reached inbetween her boobs, feeling for the key.

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he didnt feel it. he blushed a little.

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he took his hand out. he didnt reach inside her bra. only outside.

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he nodded.

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"How do i do that?"

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he pushed her agains a wall, then put his hands under her butt, their bodies close. he kissed her lips gently

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he grabbed it a little hard, kissing her deeply.

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he put his hands under her thighs, pulling her up.

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he stopped, and closed all the blinds in the classroom. he put her on the desk, and got on top of her, kissing her again

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he kissed her deep back, getting a small erection.

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he smiled


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