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Who else's heart tore open when reading TFIOS?

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message 1: by Holly (new)

Holly Wood First of all I have to say that my copy of this book has tear stained pages everywhere. I don't know if anyone else has that problem but when I was reading it, positioning your dripping eyes away from the page is harder than you'd think.

Back to the subject, there were parts of this book that when I read them gave me this weird heart wrenching pain that was a mix of pity, guilt, sadness, grief, anger, sympathy and happiness all from reading this one book. Lets just say I was a total wreck reading this and surprisingly the movie had the same impact on me, where I had to search through my bag in the dark of the cinemas to find some tissues to wipe my face (both times I saw it, you'd think I would've been more prepared the second time, but no I knew what was happening so I thought I wouldn't cry). I'll say it straight out, there were so many girls with big black drippy makeup running down their eyes. Not a pretty look, which is why I went with not a speck of makeup on (when I never wear mascara anyway because it makes my eyes look weird.)

Anyway who was not the same after reading this book? I don't care how much people blab on about random stuff because I myself always seem to go off topic.

While we're here, discuss anything about TFIOS. Your favourite chapters, least favourite, fave characters, least favourite. etc.

Did you think the movie was up to standards and do you think the actors portrayed it well enough. I'll just say I loved the movie and think Ansel and Shailene did a great job acting as Hazel and Augustus.

message 2: by Nigham (last edited Nov 01, 2014 02:52AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nigham I do have a draft for author that I didn't dare to send him to ask what happened to the Hazel and her parents afterwards? What 'f he said,"She died too!"...
I wrote these above lines at two more places.:p...(May be someone 'd finally understand, through what phase I passed)...
I neither have courage to watch the movie nor a tiny bit wish...! And I wouldn't dare to...!

The Library Assassin I can honestly say I didn't see the ending coming and I had tears streaming down my cheeks when I was reading the last chapters. Good thing I was home alone while reading!

Jasmine I did not see that ending coming. I honestly thought Hazel Grace was going to die;not Augustus Waters..I ended up crying around the part of the pre funeral and lost it at the first sentence of the next chapter saying that Gus died I started balling.. although the story is heartbreaking I love the love story and how the story is told

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