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Does dystopian fiction affect young readers? - SURVEY

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message 1: by Eleanor (last edited Nov 16, 2014 01:05AM) (new)

Eleanor Katherine I'm doing an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) at school at the moment, entitled "How has the dystopian genre influenced the political or ethical views of young people in modern society?", and it would really help me out if people could just really quickly fill out a quick survey for me - it's only 9 questions, none of which require too much thought! Here's the link -

Thank you!

UPDATE: the survey is now closed - I've received 200 replies so thank you to everyone who participated!

Adrianna Took the survey.

message 3: by Eleanor (new)

Eleanor Katherine Adrianna wrote: "Took the survey."

Thank you!

Lexxi D took the survey

message 5: by Eleanor (new)

Eleanor Katherine Lexxi D wrote: "took the survey"

Thank you!

Lexxi D welcome

message 7: by Val (new) - rated it 5 stars

Val Done :)

Aaishah took the survey! :)

Yeji done done ;)

Batoul Abbasi Just took it. I've definitely thought about this subject before

message 11: by Eleanor (new)

Eleanor Katherine Thank you everyone!

message 12: by Eleanor (new)

Eleanor Katherine Batoul wrote: "Just took it. I've definitely thought about this subject before"

I knew I wouldn't be alone considering this idea! What do you think about it? (I'm very curious haha)

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