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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris Stanley (christinelstanley) | 922 comments Hi everyone - Do you have any Halloween plans?
Does your house get a scary make-over, do you dress up to frighten the kids out "trick or treating" or read ghost stories to your own family?

Or do you shut your front door and think the whole thing is very silly?

message 2: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 15 comments I love Halloween but this year I have been so busy - it looks like I am going to pass it by

message 3: by J. (new)

J. (jcassidy) | 5 comments Probably a party pooper, but Halloween isn't a holiday I bother with. I don't understand much the idea that for one night a year it's fine to knock on strangers doors and ask for sweets... and having as much trouble as I have teaching my son that taking sweets from strangers is a bad idea, I don't want to undo it for the sake of a costume and sweets that I can buy him anyway.
This year though, I will be taking a bag of sweets up to my local food bank and homeless shelter. If any child needs a treat...

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris Stanley (christinelstanley) | 922 comments J, That's a good idea, I'll do the same.

My daughter collects for the poppy appeal in our village with many of her fellow girl guides, and last year, when anyone came to door for trick or treat, she asked them for a donation in return for a poppy. I think everyone was so surprised, they gave generously, and we had a lot of zombies and witches wandering around with red poppies pinned to them.

message 5: by J. (new)

J. (jcassidy) | 5 comments Very cute, Chris!

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