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You have until November 5 to post a poem, and November 6-8 we’ll vote for which one we thought was best.

Please post directly into the topic and not a link. Please don’t use a poem previously used in this group.

Your poem can be any length.

This week’s topic is: Bad Luck

The rules are pretty loose. You can write a poem about anything that has to do with the topic. I do not care, but the poem you post must relate to the topic somehow.

Have fun!

Thank you to Angie for suggesting the topic!

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Ryan | 5334 comments Leslie, Angie - great job :)

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Mark (crawdadddy) | 402 comments The Balance
by Mark Reeves

We are only fulcra,
We see, we saw.

A brief and secluded day,
Slips into the Crimson Tide,
Now contented blue.

I loved her in an instance,
A calming amber yellow.
Love is fatally chosen, wait,
Love is fate, awaiting,
A call to arms.

But now the other,
Drawn like wick.
From dark waters,
What Art relies.

These two co-exist.
These too intwine.
At roulette I spin.
I never win.
I spin again.

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Ryan | 5334 comments Wow! That's beautiful, Mark. I've just finished reading so I'll get back to you after a few more times through. 'We see, we saw' - masterfully done. First impression: stunning.

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Mark (crawdadddy) | 402 comments Thanks Ryan. 'Come see, come saw,' is from Louisiana, I think, not sure if that is French misspelled. Is that right M? He probably speaks coon*ss better than me. A lady told me today she goes to a place outside Baton Rouge and brings back a sack of boudin balls. Eh LA bah, Cher!

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M | 11046 comments Rendered in that style that eludes definition, that’s like a road wandering through an intriguing interior landscape. A brief and secluded day . . .

I’m French-proof, I’m afraid. I’ve studied it merely to show that I can’t learn it. Comme ci comme ça means something like “sort of” or “so-so.” It’s an “I can take it or leave it” response. “How do you feel about Cubist art?” “Comme ci comme ça.”

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Mark (crawdadddy) | 402 comments Yea that's it! I hear things in English, but I somehow always knew what was meant. Wish they had a class on Cajun patois. Thanks M

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M | 11046 comments That would be a fun class. Sign me up!

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Mark, I really enjoyed your poem! It seemed to flow quite nicely! Great job!

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Here is my poetry submission for the topic: Bad Luck. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

**On a personal note, I am not trying to drum up sympathy votes but this has actually happened to me. I just found out test results late yesterday afternoon after a second opinion and quite a scare.

Master Plan by: Melissa Andres

God has a Master plan
For each and every one
He will hold onto our hands
Until the day is done.

Results have nothing to do
With good luck or the bad
Won't matter if we worry,
Cry or go stark-ravin' mad!

Found out I don't have cancer
Like the doctor said I could
Relief and emotions rushed
Just like Noah's famous flood.

My faith had gotten shaky
I'm ashamed to admit
But knew I couldn't leave
Because at His feet I sit.

We must remember to praise
Not just in times of light
But also in the darkness
Where He helps us regain sight.

Yes, God has a Master plan
For each and every one
He will hold onto our hands
Today, I am not done.

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Garrison Kelly (cybador) | 9061 comments Melissa, I’m starting to understand why you said you could have used extra hugs a few weeks ago. I’m happy to give them to you. That must have been a scary experience for you. I’m glad to hear you’re going to be on this earth for a long, long time. Nobody deserves to have cancer, especially not you. I have a step-sister named Jamie who’s currently struggling against breast cancer, so I know how scary it is. How about those hugs now? And maybe a few head fuzzles too!

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Thanks, Garrison! I was thoroughly and utterly frightened because I have a lot of cancer in my family. I have twin sisters who are three years younger than me. One of them had uterine cancer several years ago and had to have a total hysterectomy. She never had any children. Then her twin, just three years ago (not quite three years actually) had breast cancer and had to have a double masectomy. She has a 14 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. My grandmother had breast cancer and jawbone cancer and just passed away almost three years ago after a long, hard-fought battle. And then my Aunt had a rare form of cancer that got her. She passed away, I guess its been about 7 years ago now .. she died 2 weeks before her youngest child graduated from high school. So, my mind was just about deteriorated when I got the call that said, No Evidence. BIG sigh of relief. The doctor (second opinion) started talking about cancer and the steps we would take and this and that. My blood pressure went SKY HIGH! But, everything is okay now. I'm good and my brain is much, much calmer now! :)

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Garrison Kelly (cybador) | 9061 comments May you continue to be cancer-free for the rest of your wonderful life. :)

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Guy (egajd) | 11105 comments Thank God
            by Guy

There is a lock on my door.
         Well, a few.
                And bars
                        protect my windows!

To people like me, the few like me, who are aware and ready,

Except it will come, maybe sometime,
to those like me who are lucky enough to know that being ready, prepared,
         willing and able,
                to do what is needed
                        when it is needed
will rise above the slag and scum and scrum of
having had the luck to be born
         at a time when
                God is

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Billie Jo (jojolov333) | 232 comments *Forgive Me, I Think I'm Rotten*

I'm sorry for the relentless things I've said
For the things said from my anger
I'm sorry for acting selfish and rude
I realized it was my thirst for power
Getting the best of me
Tearing me down
Ripping me open
Making no sound.

The walls do speak harsh lies,
Soft words of those
Who hide behind--them
Wanting revenge.
The bad luck that's been brought on them.

But I now do know
The bad things I have uttered
Still I wish I weren't guilty
And I wish I never murdered.

And no, technically I have not
I didn't drive a stake through ones heart
Or slice open some skin
I just simply fed them poisoned words
And let them
Tear themselves apart
Again and

And forgive me, I didn't see
The evil caressing me.
The painful words choked
From my throat
That gripped me
And kept hold
Of my now ice cold

Where my heart should be
Should have been
Should exist
But it doesn't
It wasn't there
And it will never be
I'm too far beyond repair
For any kind of

So forgive me
I'm guilty

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Thank you, Garrison! I appreciate your heartfelt words.

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Guy and Billie Jo - Wow! Both powerful poems!!

message 18: by Billie Jo (new)

Billie Jo (jojolov333) | 232 comments Melissa wrote: "Guy and Billie Jo - Wow! Both powerful poems!!"

Thank you

message 19: by Billie Jo (new)

Billie Jo (jojolov333) | 232 comments I like the entries for the week so far. Very well written and amazing. Good Job guys

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The lucky ones
By December Evens
Little clicks of the chips
Blank faces glance at each other
The room fills with smoke and it all burns away
Everyone whispers this is a bad accident
I say it's bad luck to rely on luck
When you don't work for it
What is it worth
It all burns away anyway
These are they fates of the lucky one

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M | 11046 comments La Brea

Her hair was so dyed,
it made her wild-eyed. Her tires
squealed through Malibu.

Maddened by rinses,
she plowed through fences, then sank
in bubbling goo.

What matter the lights,
the advertised nights, the cost
of the clothes she wore?

Once in the tar pit,
she had to admit she was
now a dinosaur.

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Guy (egajd) | 11105 comments Melissa wrote: "Guy and Billie Jo - Wow! Both powerful poems!!"

Thank you Melissa. And my heart goes out to you for the courage you had to share your personal experiences and feelings so openly.

Mark, your poem moved me back and forth with clear images.

Billie Jo, loved the visceral feel of "Forgive Me..."! And re-reading it made it better.

December, your quiet description of ennui and inertia is elegant and moving.

Le Brea is very funny and very well written. (And made me doubly laugh because a friend of mine has the name Lavanna LaBray and who painted a 'portrait' of a man caught inside the goo of a giant bowl of jello.)

Storm, your litany of bad luck charms made me laugh!

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M | 11046 comments Thank you, Guy!

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you, Guy! It was difficult waiting for those few weeks for results. It was actually a second opinion, testing and all that goes with it. I flipped out in the doctor's office once he started talking about cancer (I have a lot of that in my family history) and was not thinking about God at the moment and only myself but He had my back! My mind has settled and all is well. Thank you for your kind words!

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