His Lover's Little Secret (Millionaires of Manhattan #3) His Lover's Little Secret question

Why didn't she tell him about the baby?
Kit Tunstall Kit Oct 28, 2014 11:44PM
I think I want to read this, but I need to know why she didn't tell him about the baby first. Usually, I hate secret baby books unless Mommy made an effort to tell Daddy and couldn't find him or something. It's difficult (for me) to enjoy a book where the heroine deliberately hides her child from its father without some really good justification.

Then you won't like this book because she deliberately hid the baby. Very deliberately. She made a lot of assumptions and, personally, I think she felt the need to be a martyr and have total control. She is my biggest problem with this book. I don't like her as a person. The writing was great, but she was not. The worst part is the father is a great guy and she robbed him of two years with his son. If that kind of thing upsets you, this book isn't for you.

Kit Tunstall Thanks so much, Tess. I will steer very clear then. I hate that kind of trope.
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