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message 1: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Mcgill | 1 comments Hello! I am looking for books written by Georgian authors that have been translated into English, or that were originally written in English.

Check out my blog at I plan to feature any books that I like.

Thanks for your recommendations!


message 2: by Loreley (new)

Loreley | 324 comments hi there :)

these are some of the translated works I remember

Zurab Karumidze - Dagny, or a love feast
David Turashvili - Flight from USSR
several books by Nodar Dumbadze (all out of print, as far as I know)
Lasha Bughadze - The Literature Express
Aka Morchiladze - Journey to Karabakh
Otar Chiladze - Avelum
this anthology Contemporary Georgian Fiction

I'll add some later, if I remember anything

message 3: by Zura (new)

Zura Pavliashvili | 46 comments Chabua Amiredzhibi - Data Tutashkhia

message 6: by Giorgi (new)

Giorgi Aptsiauri (giorgi3092) | 1 comments The Knight in the Panther's Skin, but make sure to get the latest edition if you are interested. The latest one is translated by Lyn Coffin

message 7: by Mikheil (new)

Mikheil (mtsikhelashvili) | 1 comments Hello.
my biggest recommendations to A MAN WALKED DOWN THE ROAD by Otar Chilashe (published by Garrant Press)
and KVACHI by Mikheil Javakhishvili (published by Dalkey Archive Press)

message 8: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimsbooksreadingstuff) | 1 comments “The Secret of another Desert” by Ia Kargareteli has been translated into English, but it is a poor translation with lots of mistakes.
There is a copy of Nodar Dumbadze's "I See the Sun" in English translation in Varketili Mediatek.
Vazha Pshavea and Galaktion Tabidze have also been translated into English.

my review of the Secret of Another Desert

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