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Tired of the same old storyline?

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Really Rashida (reallyrashida) | 5 comments Get a taste of my books and add them to your Library! :)
A Love Hate Thing:
Club Nirvana 3:
No Sister Of Mine:

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Ketima Whitehall | 1 comments If you're tired of the same old storyline, I have a new twist for you. Check out my debut novel, Smoke and Mirrors- the Secret Life of a Cheater:

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S. Williams (summersage) | 2 comments The Summer of Tsunami unveils and explores the world of protagonist, Tsunami Monroe and forges the tale of multiracial platonic and romantic relationships in an elegant, resonating and brilliantly prosed masterwork. S. Campbell Williams ignites and solidifies her literary talent by elucidating one character’s heroism and fearlessness to disrupt and overturn mindsets that yoke and binds to the past. Williams comprehensive tale, though fiction gives the reader a blueprint into her own genotype, as well as internal and external challenges. The compelling nature of the tale echoing to the reader, what can only be depicted and conveyed through personal experience. Provided to the reader is a delve into the south in the 60’s, relatability, inspiration, genuineness, but also a great love story that more totes the line of realism.
The Summer of Tsunami: Legacy: Book One

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