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Would Like to Discuss Catt and Bree's relationship
Pamela Pamela (last edited Oct 28, 2014 08:24PM ) Oct 28, 2014 08:19PM
As well as just having finished the novel, I read thru all the reviews. I love to read what people thought or took from the novel.

It's a given that Catt had many flaws, one of which is not loving and accepting herself. A lot of readers wrote how Catt was the one who destroyed her relationship with Bree and Skylar. I truly believe it was Bree who destroyed the relationship. I'd even say that Bree was never a true best friend to Catt; that it was Catt who loved her and thought of her as her best friend. Her love for Bree and Skylar was evident right up until the end. Bree only used her when it suited her needs. The one time Catt really needed her support, Bree had already checked out. Why? She found out that Catt slept with Cyan? Was always jealous of Catt? Yes, Catt started drinking, but would she have started if she hadn't been drugged in the first place?

I would love to discuss this a little further. Thanks.

Thanks for commenting. I love getting various points of view from others. It's what makes reading so much more. :)

Yeah, the scene were Catt as drugged hit me HARD. I couldn't help but draw similarities to the way "friends" often react when women are assaulted or raped. The non-consensual aspects of it all, the disbelief from friends, the way Bree automatically blamed Catt... It was an awful thing to do, but I totally get it. Bree gets to feel self-righteous in her sobriety, and justified in distancing herself from Catt because she feels like she's lost the safe space of a friend who can support her in that.

I guess that's why I hated the ending so much, because it felt no one really got what they deserved in the end. (Don't get me wrong, I *LOVED* the book, but it was one of those endings where I kinda wanted to cry and scream and throw the book across the room. Which I didn't, gladly, since I was reading it on my Kindle, LOL!)

I feel the same way, and it made me question Catt's whole reality. Her world came apart exponentially and by the end I felt overwhelmed by all the tragedy and the way men were represented vs. women. I really loved the book AND was really frustrated by the end, and how Bree's cutting Catt our of her life seemed so harsh and like she was in on a plan with Cyan or something. I had all sorts of theories as to why Bree was acting so weird and mean...but maybe she'd always been like that and enjoyed Catt as a co-parent when it worked out for her.

Also, did anyone else start wondering if Catt and Bree were the same person, or start wondering about all the other characters and how many could potentially be elements of Catt?

Even though I was bummed by the ending, it left me with so much to review in my mind, especially since I whipped through the book so quickly. Thanks for starting the convo, Pamela!

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