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Maybe This Time (Maybe, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Book about a girl who goes to live with her brother who she has never met and falls for his friend with a scar on his face [s]

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Sarah4141 | 2 comments I'm looking for the title of this book here is all that I can remember.

The heroine is 19 (I do not know her name) and her mom told her lies about her dad all her life and she used to believe that he didn't want her. But it was her mother who kept him away from her. So she moves in with het brother who she has never met. The first time they met she had to pick him up from jail. She meets one of her brothers friends (the hero in the story) he is a few years older than her. He seems rude at first but that's because he wants her and he thinks shes to good for him. He had a scar somewhere on his face and he also had a twin brother (which there is a sequel made for him and his wife who is asking for a divorce) he fights underground because their younger brother was killed in a fight and he wants revenge and turns out her father runs the fights. She ends up getting a job at the bar that the hero and his brother own. Somewhere in the story she decides to go to college and meets a guy at the library named silas. They rarely talk but they sit at the same table and study. As it Turns out he is the guy who killed the heros younger brother but he explains it was an accident. She ends up falling for the hero and makes up with her dad who she was skiddish around at first.

I hope somebody knows what book this is. I have searched everywhere and im desperate.

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Sarah4141 | 2 comments Mary wrote: "Maybe This Time (Maybe, #1) by Chantal Fernando???"

Yeesss!! That is it thank you soo much Mary!!!

Pilar España | 143 comments ;-)

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