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Can Thomas trust anyone?
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How can Thomas trust anyone if everything is a game planned by WICKED? Everything everyone is doing has been foreseen by WICKED. Teresa, Thomas's closest friend betrayed him and later claimed that she had to do it because she was forced by WICKED. Brenda and Jorge are cranks that joins the group at the scorch and Aris was the new boy in replace of Teresa who was ordered by WICKED to work with Teresa to betray Thomas. How could Thomas trust all those people? How could he trust people whom he just met or even be close to someone who betrayed him? Towards the end of the book, a man working for WICKED told Thomas and his friends (WICKED's subject) that they are now safe and that there will no longer be any puzzles or games. Even so, should Thomas trust him? Can Thomas ever trust anyone and live happily ever after?

I totally understand your dilemma. I had a similar issue. You never really understand who Thomas can and cannot trust, and that constantly changes because of the story line. I think the whole point is because he can't truly trust anyone. He has to go on his instincts and that is the real difficulty.

Dini Azmi Maybe that is WICKED's aim. WICKED's aim is to find the cure and they needed the flexibility of his mind to get the cure right. I still find it ridicu ...more
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i think that the way that the story is set up is good in the sense that it really does make you wonder if he can trust anyone, and if reality is even that. Honestly, i spent a lot of the story up to this point wondering if it was something more than just being a trial and that there wasn't a sense of reality to it.

what's nice about the evolution of this story is that people that you think he can trust turn out to be against him, and then back on his side and then maybe against him. It's probably one of the redeeming qualities that i found to the series since i personally had a lot of trouble getting through it all.

I take it you haven't read The Death Cure yet? You find out who he can trust. I don't want to spoil anything, but you really do find out who his true friends are: Newt and Minho, and there are a few others too, but you need to finish the series.

One thing that's been clear from the start, however, he can't trust WICKED (and that's no spoiler).

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