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message 1: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Hello!:)

message 2: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Hai, love! ^.^ So, any ideas ? I'm all out (>•.•)>

message 3: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments I do have many ideas for romance so I usually do those with mxf doubles or I prefer girl but either way. I will post some of them.

message 4: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Kk ^.^

message 5: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments {Romance}

Abusive Relationship
Kidnap Romance
Forbidden Romance
Werewolf and Vampire Romance
Love at First Sight Romance
Super Natural Romance
Medieval Romance
Gang Romance
Criminal Romance
Arranged Marriage
Invasion of Kingdom
Invasion of Earth

message 6: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Oooo FORBIDDENN SOUND WONDERFUL!

message 7: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Yeah it does!:D So should we do doubles? Or singles?

message 8: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Well I haven't been the girl in a long. People usually insist on having the female imediently. I suppose we could do doubles.

message 9: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Doubles sounds good. I love doing doubles so we can be fair.

message 10: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Sound fantastic ^.^ So, will it be supernatural or realistic?

message 11: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments I would say realistic it's easier to me.

message 12: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Mmkay! Would it be forbidden family wise or..?

message 13: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Yeah I think Family wise is the best I think.

message 14: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Mmkay^.^ shoukd we make our charries? And would you like it to be detailed or just

message 15: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Yes our charries can be Name, Age, Appearance.

message 16: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Oh! And if we have doubles will they be apart of the family or just friends ? Sorry I ask so many questions, I just want us to be on the same page c:

message 17: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments They can be apart of families like maybe different ones. It's okay I understand.

message 18: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments So the two forbidden lovers will be apart of rival families and the other doubles will be like there best friends but not apart of the forbidden families? Lol am I wrong ?

message 19: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments I was just thinking they all are apart of rival families. but the other two are good friends with two others but they are also in rival families.

message 20: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Mmkay, sounds wonderful! I'll make my charries now ^.^

message 21: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Alright:) Same with me.

message 22: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments •Name• Raven Duchannes
•Age• 16

•Name• Kyle Clearwater
•Age• 17

message 23: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Name: Mercedes Cole
Age: 16


Name: Tyler Carlson
Age: 17

message 24: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Cute ^.^ Wait, what should the rival familes last names be?

message 25: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Thanks:) Maybe Clearwater and Cole?

message 26: by essïe (new)

essïe | 1053 comments Sound good! What last names do you want your characters to have ?

message 27: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments My girl will have the last name Cole and then my boy's last name is Carlson he'll be friends with your boy.

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essïe | 1053 comments Oh! Mmkay cool ^.^ Can you start please?

message 29: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Sure:)

message 30: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Mercedes walked into school her older brother following her inside of the Private College School dressed in her regular uniform, she went to her locker and opened it up. She grabbed the book she needed and put everything else away glad no drama has erupted just yet from the Clearwater's. Mercedes family rival one of the hardest people to get along with since her dad and Kyle's dad are the biggest rivals in the politics section of their jobs. Really Mercedes didn't understand why they had to pull her and her siblings into the family rivalry.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Tyler waited for Kyle since he was giving his best friend a ride. He was getting rid of a headache possible. It was very hard for him to get rid of his headaches, it was only caused by his parents. It wasn't a good thing to have headaches because of his annoying sisters and brothers complaining about family rivalries.

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essïe | 1053 comments Raven strolled into school, possibly running late but did that really matter? She had thrown on her light blue pants, a black knit sweater and boots. Her hair layed on the top of her head in a messy bun. She went straight to her locker and grabbed her books, only hopeing for a more intresting school year. Maybe less family rivals and more..romances and possible partying. Yeah, lots of parties. Raven slammed her locker shut and headed to class.


Kyle jumped into Tylers car, "Drive!" He shouted. His father was cursing at him all the way down their driveway. Kyle just laughed, running a hand through his hair and looking back with a smile. "First days of school are always the best, eh mate?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Mercedes fixed her hair pulling it into a braided pony tail fixing her school skirt and tights before going to her class sitting down fixing her shirt and dark black blazer. She sat down in her seat getting her notebook out for the class in her dark black bag praying in her head that no more family or school rivalries were going to happen. She was driven crazy by it, and also driven crazy by the fact that she might have to move into a dorm with everyone else in her family.


Tyler smiled and drove away when he got in car hearing his father. "Yeah it always is." he admitted to him. "What's going on with you and your dad this time?" He asked Kyle driving to the school wondering if they were going to choose to do a dorm this year. "Are you thinking of doing a dorm this year?" He asked him after a while of silence listening to Kyle.

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essïe | 1053 comments Raven had always gotten dress code, she simply hated the unifroms. Sometimes they let her pass but you know, there were times like this too. "Miss. Duchaness, please change. Now." Mr. Wilder said, his voice stern. Raven sighed, "I'd rather not. I'm actually quite comfortably." She said, snuggling into her sweater. The teacher scowled, "Raven." She groaned but got up. She walked out of class, already pulling out her uniform.


Kyle shrugged, "You know, usual. School, girls, family rules." He said, widening his eyes dramtically. He nodded at his friends question. "Of course. As long as I'm far away from this hell hole, I'm happy." He smiled, but then it quickly disappeard and he looked at his friend with a dissapointing look, "You're not bailing on me are ya?"

message 35: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Mercedes sat down hearing Mr. Wilder she rolled her eyes at him he was such an overprotective strict teacher. It drove her crazy by how annoying he was but while he was giving them lectures he was pretty good. So that was the only good thing, she double checked the dorm sign up sheet in the room making sure her name was on it. Relieved she wanted to get away form her parents as far as possible.


"Dude of course, if I leave you. You can personally pull me over into a dorm and make me stay there." He said to Kyle driving. "Besides I already got my bags ready so its going to be a good year hopefully, I want to ignore all of family rivalries and just have a great year." He was stressed about it driving to the school seeing other students coming with their tents.

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essïe | 1053 comments Raven slid on her black skirt and her white button up. She let her hair stay in its bun but she pulled up knee high socks along her legs. She slipped on her black boots and headed back to class, maybe she should ditched. She chipped away the remaing of her chipped nail polish, thinking. No need for another F i suppose she thought to herself. Making her way back to class she sunk in her seat and waited for it to end.


Kyle nodded, "Yeah, doubtful. Theres not year thay goes by that we don't have rival problems." He sighed. "Maybe you should get yourself a girlfriend, mate. You know, to occupie yourself." He chuckled. He thought his friend deserved some kind of happiness. "Just a suggestion." He shrugged,

message 37: by Janelle (new)

Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Mercedes relaxed seeing Raven. "Morning." She said to her since her seat was in the back. She already had her dorm stuff in her car parked in the school lot, so when she gets a dorm she will put her stuff inside of it. This year she was going to break her own boundaries and start having drinks, going to the dorm parties, and so much more. She didn't care about what her parents say. Their one rule was she just can't get pregnant. That was the only rule she will ever follow.


"Yeah that's true." He sat back driving. "I wish but my mom has set me up with a girl. Probably for an arranged marriage and I can't break her rules. You know what happens if I do." He hated his mother's rules most of the time. He hates being stuck with girls he doesn't even know that he has to date. It doesn't make any sense at all to him, though his father agrees with his mother. "What about you? Are you going to go for any girls this year?"

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essïe | 1053 comments Raven saluted then slouched in her chair, sketching away. She couldn't help but wonder if anything intresting would
happen this year. A romance? Scholerships? Probably not but still. Hope was always good.


Kyle shrugged. "Possibly. But isn't there always?" Kyle was never a sticker, he was more of it. He stuck to EVERY girl. He always had his fun but he never settled down. Maybe he should.
"Comitment isn't my best friend, Tyler. You know that." He winked.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Mercedes relaxed into the chair waiting for classes to start but that was in another ten minutes because students were still coming. Do it might take a while she sat back trying to sleep but it wasn't working so she was writing random stuff on her notebook. She just hoped this year she could find some romance.


"Depends on the situation." He admitted to him. He sat back driving into his spot at the school. "I'm pretty sure you could make a commitment with a girl at school. Not any snobbish ones though." Tyler was positive Kyle could find someone to be with at school even though that person could be his families rival. He got out with his bag and grabbed his bag that held everything for the full year.

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essïe | 1053 comments Note to self, Never come to school early. Raven wasn't still a newbie. She came a month before school ended last year so she was pretty unknown to most people. Except Mercedes, she was sweet. She rememberd the stories she told her last year, about the rival families. It was all silly really.


Kyle strolled into first period and imediently looked around, looking for the hot girls. He spotted Raven from last year. He met her for like a second and she turned him down. Her lost. He sighed and made it to the back of the class, to his seat.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Mercedes was way different from last year now she's more mature and different now. She has become more fit, puberty has really came out for her now. Mostly everyone didn't recognize her at all so it was really nice to see her friends reactions about her and how different she was and no rumors were going to bring her down.


Tyler followed Kyle into class sitting down next to him surprised Mercedes wasn't here yet but when he saw her his eyes widened a bit. He didn't say anything deciding that if Kyle would flirt with her since she wasn't too recognizable it would be a funny sight of his and her reaction.

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