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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)
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ke-sha (angel707) | 2016 comments Mod
So here's the discussion board for Part Four of Cinder. There will be SPOILERS of course for well the ENTIRE BOOK.

Hope you ended up liking it :)

Lorien (lorienkittybooks) | 178 comments Well, I really was having trouble as this book began. Seriously, it was hard to keep reading through it. But then, THAT MESSAGE! OOH! it was good! I was still having trouble as the ball wasn't as cool as I expected it to be (although her foot falling off was funny and well done). And then the very end. NICE! I TOTALLY called her being the princess (in fact, the whole book was incredibly predictable, especially if you know it's based on Sailor Moon), but I loved that ending. Now I wanna own it.

And did anyone else read the bonus content? Because that short story was really painful to read. I still want Cinder to sock Adri one, right in the mouth.

Megan | 7 comments what leads you

Megan | 7 comments bah phone typing. what leads you to believe its based off of sailor moon. I know it was loudly based on cinerella but.I have never heard sailor.moon

Lorien (lorienkittybooks) | 178 comments That author has stated so, and in the acknowledgements it says "and Sailor Moon fandom geeks, who encouraged me every step of the way." If you know the story of Sailor Moon you can tell. Princess of the moon falls for the prince of earth, loses her memories and has to fight the evil queen. Someone from the moon comes and restores her powers, talking her through everything, teaching her how to fight the queen's army.

Megan | 7 comments huh. well I actually.listened to the audio book so I couldnt read the acknowledgments. but that does put an interesting light on things.

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