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||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Just a small book I'm writing about mortals who end up in Camp Half-Blood somehow. Characters that aren't original are based off of me and my friends.

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Zoe | 337 comments Can't wait!

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Chapter 1:
It was a normal morning in Camp Half-Blood, the sun shining over Half-Blood Hill. Then everything went wrong. A blue van crashed through the woods, the people screaming inside. The van came to a screeching stops in the middle of the camp, the Demigods taking out their weapons ready for anything that pops out. A sliding door from the van opens letting out smoke from inside.

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Zoe | 337 comments I wonder what the mortals see. its good!

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Thanks! Next chapter will start to intorduce the characters and explain their half of the story.

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Zoe | 337 comments Awesome. Good start. It's a little bit short though. will the next one be longer? my chapters were really short but then they got longer.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Ya, that was just the introduction.

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Zoe | 337 comments cool. little bit of a cliffhanger too!

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Chapter 1a: Crystal stumbled out of the smoking van, bleeding dirty and tired. Her friends Paula, Justine, Skylar, Anita, Davon, Chris, Malcom and Jack followed after her gasping for air. They were im the same horrible condition. They all fell to the ground as the demigods crowded around in alarm.

Chiron galloped over as fast as he could, his bow and arrows ready. He stops, confused and bewildered at the comotion he saw. "What in Hades' name?" Chiron mumbles.

"Hey, are we dead?" Malcom groaned. Crystal sat up finally and looked around. She saw a man with a horse's butt and a crowd of kids with weapons and armor. She also saw a Pavilion, Arena, winged horses and a lake. Crystal remembered reading the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus books, but she never in her wildest dreams thought that it was real...
"Ugh guys." Crystal whispered. "Malcom we aren't dead, but we wouldn't be in this mess if we hadn't let Justine drive!" Davon said harshly. "Well Jack was the one who was giving me the wrong directions!" Justine exclaimed glaring at Jack. "I was not giving wrong directions!" Jack argued. "Where the heck are we?" Anita said sitting up and scratching her head. "Hello, guys?!" Crystal chided. They kept ingnoring her and everything around them. "We're in an amusement park Anita!" Chris said coldly. "OH i love amusement parks!" Skylar said in a bubbly tone, as always. "You are all so stupid!" Paula mumbled. At that moment they all turned on eachother and started arguing and screaming while Crystal looked around feeling lost, embarrassed and confused.

Chiron called over a girl who had a long tube of wood, like a flute. She put her mouth to it and shot sleep darts into the strangers causing them to collapse once again.

Crystal woke up in a hammock. She was surrounded by medicine, medical supplies and a strange asortment of other things. Crystal looked around and saw all of her friends were still conked out. Then she looked to the far end of the room and saw a terrifying yet amazing sight. Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Hazel Frank and Leo were all standing there.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) thoughts or constructive comments?

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