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KT (queenlykt) A plush, comfy cinema with all the latest movies.

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Raguel walked into the Theater, finally having finished eir errands for the day. Ey collapsed in one of the chairs at the very front, put eir beer in the cup holder, and snacked on some popcorn.

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KT (queenlykt) "You do know that it's probably not allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages?" Tony said cheerfully, looking over at him from her spot. She had gotten there first and was resting her feet on that metal bar that ran across in front, scrolling through on her iPhone while she waited for the movie to start.

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Raguel laughed. "Do I look like the rules type of guy?" ey asked sourly. Ey laughed and took a larger swig of eir drink. Ey rolled eir eyes when he saw her phone. "And you say I wasn't obeying customs?"

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KT (queenlykt) "What, you expect me to wait in complete boredom for twenty minutes until the movie starts up?" Tony shook her head with a little laugh, tucking her dark brown braid behind her shoulders. "Not when I'm perfectly capable of avoiding it."

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"They'll like the phone as much as the booze," Raguel said witha shrug. Ey took another sip and then crammed a handful of popcorn into eir mouth. Ey did the best to look at her phone screen. Failing, ey tried to use eir powers to lift it towards em.

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KT (queenlykt) "Hey!" Tony pouted, snatching her phone back out of the air and tightening her grip on it as she looked over at him. "Ah. You're one of them." She said, but she didn't sound defensive or hostile, just stating a fact. "But, which of them are you?" She asked, effectively asking if he was an angel or demon. Just more politely.

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"Raguel, and I'm really not at your service, so don't you dare ask ask for anything," ey drawled. Ey mock saluted her and took another sip. Ey sighed heavily as ey set the bottle down next to em.

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KT (queenlykt) One eyebrow rose on Tony's pretty face, her hazel eyes narrowing a fraction as she stared back at him. "Darling-" She began, her voice twanging out a bit as 'D-ah-ling', "-I can handle myself. And your ego is bigger than most people's even among your kind if you think I'm going to run crying to you with all my problems." She said flatly, somehow managing to avoid sounding hostile when she said it.

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"Well, I'll be damned," Raguel said sarcastically, "I can't tell if you're trying to piss me off or smart enough to know crying would piss me off." Ey snorteand fingered the hilt of eir blade.

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KT (queenlykt) "Oh, I'm smarter than you think. For a human. Well, almost human." Tony smiled slightly, looking over at em. "There's no reason for me to want to piss you off."

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Raguel laughed. "Careful there. Maybe I'm so arrogant I think I'm as omniscient as God and you've just insulted me." Ey rolled eir eyes. "'Course that's not the case, but still, be careful."

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KT (queenlykt) "I'm not dumb enough to run around purposefully pissing y'all off, but I'm smart enough to know you won't hurt me." Tony smiled slightly as she looked back at him. Being a prophet, even for demons had it's bonuses.

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"I won't hurt you? I'm in a charitable mood presently, so I'll give you time to revise that statement," Raguel said. Ey was about to dank another swig of eir drink when ey realized it was empty. Ey growled and chucked it backwards further into the audience. Ey glanced down at eir sword. It wasn't necessarily the killing that ey so loved. More than that, it was the feeling of power and the satisfaction that ey so needed.

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KT (queenlykt) "Fine. I'll rephrase. It wouldn't end well for you if you did hurt me." Tony said simply, tilting her head slightly as she looked over at em. "Now before you get your panties in a twist, I'm not threatening you. Merely stating a fact. Just because I'm not being obsessively stalked by a protector right now, doesn't mean you'll get off easy for killing or harming a prophet, love." she smiled, once again seeming polite and very neutral about the whole thing. She wasn't exactly defenseless herself either. Tony had a liscense to carry, and se wasn't shy about using it. Rifle was preferred, but she was still good with the pistol tucked inside the waistband of her jeans and secured with the belt.

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Raguel snorted. "Prophet equals protected. Love the quaint thought, girl, but I've gotten away with worse." Ey threw a piece of popcorn into the air and caught it with eir mouth. Ey truly had gotten away with worse; ey had killed some high-ranking angels. The only one ey would't kill because of the consequences was Michael and the other really high ranking angels. That would make even em fall. Ey tossed another piece of popcorn into the air and speared it on eir sword.

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KT (queenlykt) "Oh, I don't know what your group will do. But demons...." Tony smiled slightly, sipping her rootbeer up through the straw. "I'm the only demonic prophet currently known in this town. They won't be pleased if I'm harmed in anyway." She said almost cheerfully. "Prophet usually equals protected, yes. But in this case, it just means they will get revenge so fast your head will spin when it separates from your shoulders. I've seen it before. Messier than field dressing a deer." She shook her head, not seeming concerned at all.

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"Ooh," Raguel said. Ey leaned forward. "Do I look like I give a flying fuck about that? Angel of Vengeance, deary." Smirking, a flicked a piece of popcorn towards the screen. "I give a fuck about so many rules I can count them on one hand. Now, do try and keep up. As I said, I don't advise trying my patience."

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KT (queenlykt) "I would think dieing would be a bigger concern than just 'I'm the angel of vengeance, rah!'" Tony said rather cheerfully, shrugging. "But if you don't attack me, then we won't have to worry about it, now will we?" She said cheerfully, throwing a piece of popcorn in the air and catching it in her mouth with a crunch.

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"You may also note that I've fought in a war against demons," Raguel snapped. "Michael and God are the only people I consider off-limits." Ey flared eir nostrils. Ey threw a piece of popcirn and stabbed the tiny, moving target on eir sword.

((It almost ended up "ey flared eir eyebrows" instead of "ey flared eir nostrils"))

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KT (queenlykt) ((That would have been a bit confusing lol))

"Yeah, cause if you kill, I don't know, Gabriel or there darling little sister, what is it, Amitiel?, they won't get upset, not at all." Tony laughed cheerfully, crossing her ankles across the metal bar in front of her. "Hey, I'm not saying the angels will get you. I'm saying they will." She raised an eyebrow, casting a glance upwards toward the group of people that had followed her in and were keeping an eye on her, obviously demons.

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Raguel laughed. "And God would keep them from hurting me because, frankly, I'm already corrupt, and he doesn't want to corrupt someone else by giving em my powers. Immunity, dearie." Ey looked back at the demons to which she had gestured. Ey drew out another sword and threw it so that it impaled one of the demons. "Again. Do I give a fuck? No. Now shut up before you irritate me."

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KT (queenlykt) "You make it sounds like immunity is yours alone, darling." Tony laughed slightly, shaking her head as she leaned back, folding her arms. She tossed up another thing of her own popcorn, crunching down on it happily. She took another drink of her rootbeer, yawning slightly as she leaned back in her chair and cracked her knuckles calmly.

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"It means that falling is sort of a void threat, and God kind of wants me alive," ey corrected with a smirk. Ey used eir powers to take the sword out of the one demon and impale another.

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KT (queenlykt) "Kind of? Oh, real worrisome." Tony drawled cheerfully, stretching against the chair and wincing slightly then sighing in relief as her back cracked. "Mm, better. Now I can sit without being all awkwardly cramped." She grinned.

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"Kind of as in I am a motherfucking immortal, girl," ey said with a blatantly sarcastic bow. Ey glared at her. "What movie is this anyway?" Ey hadn't bothered to check on the way in. The ticket people hadn't bothered em. They already knew that ey would not bat an eyelash about running them through for stopping em.

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KT (queenlykt) "If you're immortal, than I have the advantage. Fighting for your life versus fighting for reputation? Hm, I wonder..." Tony trailed off teasingly, reaching down into her bag at her feet. "Think fast, hot shot." she warned before tossing a bottle of beer at him gently, actually meaning to let him catch it. "The Lego Movie. My cousin said it was great, so.." she shrugged cheerfully. "Here I am."

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"Well, shit," Raguel said when she told em the movie's title. "That movie'll be stupid." Ey smacked the bottle out of the way with the flat of eir blade. "See, I'm not just for the rep because I've got that covered like shit in a birdcage. I just don't do the whole forgiveness thing."

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KT (queenlykt) "First, nobody made you choose this movie. Besides, I saw it with my friend and her little brother and it was adorable." Tony smiled a fraction, thn frowned when he smacked the beer away. "Damn. Im just being nice. Calm your ass." she said flatly, glancing down at her phone as it lit up.

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Raguel snorted. "I didn't fucking choose this shit!" he protested as ey crossed eir arms. "Do I look like I would?" Ey didn't calm down easily. Once ey was riled up, ey would be so for hours with no chance of being calmed. Ey scowled at Tony. Ey was not quite angry, but ey had definitely had too much to drink and was not in a good mood. If people weren't careful, eir mood could easily evolve to anger.

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KT (queenlykt) "No one forced you to come and sit in this theater, so stop trying to blame everyone else for your own actions." Tony pointed out with a slight yawn, leaning back in her chair. She glanced up as the previews for everything else started, then returned her calm gaze to Raguel. "I'm not attacking you, so calm the hell down." she said peaceably.

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Raguel glared at her. "So? Maybe the reality of this world just pisses me the hell off! Maybe I hate this fucking peace, and maybe I just hate that I'm supposed to be in the same room as demons without slaughtering them!" Eir eyes darkened, and eir nostrils flared. Ey was not thrilled about the movie (ey may have been told that ey was supposed to come to this movie because one of the patrons had offended God, and one of eir fellow angels had told em that ey needed to see the movie).

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KT (queenlykt) "Well that's not my fault either." Tony said tartly, eyes narrowing. "I didn't ask to be a prophet either, yet here we are. You're not the only one not well off, but you are the only one being a child about it." She snapped, then seemed to calm down. "Now. None of this is my fault, so stop taking it out on me. I'm trying to be nice, and you are most definitely not. I know you don't give a shit about me, but atleast stop taking everything out on me."

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"Got nothing against you other than the whole demonic prophet deal." Ey smiled at her, but really, the motion was more a baring of eir teeth. "But that is, of course, a bit. But I'm not here to kill you, and if I leave now, I'm going to have a bunch of angry people that I'm not allowed to kill following me." Ey crossed eir arms.

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KT (queenlykt) "Hey, I'm not exactly enjoying the whole prophet thing either." Tonya sighed slightly, a half smile crossing her face. "OH, and I'm Tony by the way. So you can do your magical look me up thing if you want, and you'll see that I've never killed an angel or anything. So, the demon doesn't really mean much either."

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"It means enough," Raguel snapped. Ey didn't care if she liked being a demonic prophet. The fact she was one was enough cause for em to hate her guts. "And I apparently am less stingy with the whole death thing than you." Ey quirked an eyebrow at her. This really was the reason ey had been told to come and see this movie.

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KT (queenlykt) Tony's sigh had the distinct air of forced politeness, though she was good at keeping it fairly hidden. She was just getting tired of all this. "It's not like I exactly volunteer the information and things I see, ya know?" She pointed out, folding her arms. After maybe a couple seconds she dug her phone out of her pocket and checked it. Reading the text, (From a hand she had working at the farm with her who was explaining exactly what had happened when he started to break a young mare they had) she smiled slightly and slid it back into her pocket.

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Raguel decided that ey was done messing with her and sighed heavily. Rolling eir eyes, ey turned in eir seat and closed eir eyes to "watch" the movie. More like listed to it, really, if ey did not manage to fall asleep first. Ey was almost entirely sure e would be getting in trouble for that, but ey decided that that was the better option.

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KT (queenlykt) Tony's jaws gaped in a yawn, though she did her best to focus on the movie. She wasn't exactly 'tired' or 'bored,' just... both distracted and wishing she had a distraction. It was odd and annoying. She checked her phone, turning the brightness down as she started to play pacman.

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Raguel fell asleep very quickly. It wasn't that ey wasn't aware of everything going on around em -- ey was -- but ey was resting eir head and avoiding the movie. If someone attacked, ey would know instantly and be prepared to defend emself.

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