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KT (queenlykt) Piles of scrap metal and old cars.

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KT (queenlykt) There were too many people. Too many negative emotions sparking among the town, and therefore too much pain for Ramiel. She liked people, but she just needed a break from the constant, blinding pain it caused. Demons rarely came here because of the iron, and rarely anyone else either. She slowly began to breathe a bit easier as she got some distance, jumping up and sitting on the roof of an old, rusting car.

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Unfortunately for Ramiel, Raguel was in a bit of a temper. He was furious about the peace, but he could not very well take it out on Michael, so he planned on venting his anger by destroying stuff in the junk yard. He failed to notice Ramiel and set to work.

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KT (queenlykt) A shriek of pain rose up from Ramiel's area of the junkyard, and she doubled over with a groan to follow up the shriek. She jumped to her feet and stormed after Raguel, wincing. "Raguel, Raguel!" She yelled, though at this point she was nearly crying from the pain.

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"What?" ey snapped, irritation dripping from eir voice. Ey turned to face Ramiel and sighed. "Oh, it's you." With a heavy sigh, ey set the thing ey was destroying down on the ground. Ey folded eir arms.

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KT (queenlykt) Ramiel was still struggling, sinking down to the ground with a low groan. Sure, he had stopped physically reacting. But she could still feel all his anger and rage, stabbing into her mind. She gasped in a breath, covering her ears with her hands as if that would help.

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((Raguel takes non-gendered pronouns, so ey instead of he/she, eir instead of his/her, and em instead of him/her))

Raguel glanced down at Ramiel's cowering form. Ey raised eir eyebrows. Seemingly oblivious to the fact the other angel was in pain, ey said, "What brings you here?"

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KT (queenlykt) ((OH gotcha. I was super confused lol))

"People." Ramiel said flatly, clenching her teeth together tightly in pain. "Emotions. And therefore, pain. So if you could just calm down, that would be quite nice." She said a bit sarcastically, cringing.

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Raguel spared her another glance. Almost as if ey still hadn't registered the pain Ramiel was clearly in, ey continued, "There are still five infidels I must destroy by the end of the day, and that does not include personal grudges, and I need a nice bottle of beer." Ey grimaced.

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KT (queenlykt) "Stop..... Please!" Ramiel nearly sobbed, jerking away from him and curling up into herself. She was shaking, biting her lip hard enough it drew beads of blood on her skin. "I can feel it! You're hurting me!" She begged, looking up at him.

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((Raguel is not male. . . .))

Raguel quirked an eyebrow. "I'm the angel of vengeance. I'm going to turn into a squishy teddy bear instantaneously." Ey rolled eir eyes. "Why don't you just turn off your powers of hope then?" Ey crossed eir arms.

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KT (queenlykt) ((I don't know what to put there then lol))

"It's not exactly an on off switch thing." Ramiel snapped, her gaze switching to a glare in the direction of Raguel. "I can't control it. Don't you think I would have if I could?" She asked, sounding in tears again. "You think I like feeling all those emotions and the pain, I enjoy feeling it when someone dies, or when someone feels pain? I'm no masochist, trust me on that." She pointed out, a tear dripping down.

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((Ey/eir/em is the nongendered))

Raguel raised an eyebrow at Ramiel. "And I am just as able to turn off this about me. You'll just have to deal with it." Ey smirked and tapped eir foot. Eir role had always kind of made the other Angels have troubles being around em. Ey wasn't sure if that was good or bad.

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KT (queenlykt) Finally, Ramiel was in so much pain she gave up. She stood and moved forward, fast as lightning. She lightly touched his cheek, flinching and yipping slightly at the sharp pain and emotions sizzled through her, sharper than before. But it was a lot easier to use her abilities when she had contact. Hope sparked through her and over to Raguel, giving her a split second of brilliant, warm happiness and emotion before it moved to Raguel.

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Raguel flinched when Ramiel touched em. "Don't do that!" came eir response. "What the fuck are you doing to me?!" Ey tried to slap Ramiel. "Don't you dare!" Ey hissed and eir eyes flashed.

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KT (queenlykt) Ramiel dodged backwards, eyes narrowing on him. "What, so you're going to get mad at me for changing your feelings just slightly so you're not causing me constant pain?" She pointed out, not sounding too pleased with his anger. She was already flinching, gritting her teeth to struggle to not double over.

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Raguel glared and glanced at eir sword. "Shut up. I don't want to hear this." Ever since eir powers had started increasing, eir temper had gotten worse. Now, it was incredibly short, and for it, Raguel did not often get along with the other angels. Raguel was not, however, a fallen angel.

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KT (queenlykt) " "You say you don't want to hear this. Why not? Afraid of the fact that you're causing me pain? Yet, you want to use that big bad sword on me, tough guy?" Ramiel smirked slightly, spreading her arms out. "Go right ahead. Just remember- I may be fallen, but I was an archangel. You can't kill me." She pointed out, though her gaze followed the sword. Touching that blade would not be good for someone like her, who could see the entire history of an object with a touch.

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"Have you ever tried to explain to God why one of his angels met an early demise?" ey deadpanned, raising an eyebrow. Ey brandished eir sword. "God believes in redemption for almost all his angels. Not sure why the fuck he does, but there we go. Off-limits for murder." Ey sighed. "My attitude I just don't give a damn enough to help."

((Also, what type of demon is Azazel classified as?))

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KT (queenlykt) ((*Cue shrug*))

"Yeah. I know. I know you're not going to go out of your way to stop causing pain to the girl who did absolutely nothing to you, but will you atleast stop trying to cause me pain?" Ramiel snapped, jerking away from the sword like it was made of holy fire. Her eyes flicked from his to tracking the blade, fear hidden in them.

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((Thanks, well, Lord? Are we making the Absolutes it possible to make Absolutes?))

"You're trying to calm me down. I find this frustrating," Raguel deadpanned, rolling eir eyes. "Two way street. So, you shut up, and I'll try to stop projecting quite as much."

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KT (queenlykt) "I was crying before, and that never even effected you." Ramiel pointed out. "So sorry if I doubt you now." She snapped, rolling her eyes.

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"Then I guess I'll keep projecting," Raguel said, shrugging. Ey crossed eir arms and smirked. Ey focused on projecting just a little more.

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KT (queenlykt) Ramiel cried out and jerked backwards away from em, staggering. Tears began to drip down her cheeks again, and she didn't bother wiping them away or anything. "PLEASE!" She sobbed, her head dropping. She collapsed to the ground again, but this time instead of just on her knees she was sprawled out on her side, her breathing ragged. Her eyes were closed, and her voice just barely above silent as she breathed, "Please..."

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Raguel laughed and shook eir head. "Why would I help you with your pathetic begging?" Ey rolled eir eyes. "Not in a thousand years. In a last act of cruelty, ey placed eir sword on some of eir exposed flesh. Then, ey stalked off.

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KT (queenlykt) Unbidden, a gut-wrenching scream rose up at the touch of the sword. It wasn't the sword itself that caused the pain, it was seeing everything it had done. In an instant, Ramiel saw it all. She felt people's fear as they saw the sword, felt their pain, and she could feel the blood around the sword. She groaned, going from tears to full on sobbing as she lay there.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch had been watching and decided the angel had had too much fun. He jumped in and swept the Fallen One in his arms. He snarled at the angel. He used his powers to throw the holy being into a pile of garbage.

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KT (queenlykt) Shaking, Ramiel flinched away from the touch, squeaking at the flood of emotions that rushed from him to her. Well, atleast this time they weren't aimed at her. Panting and shaking and crying, she gripped his shirt tightly, curling up against whoever the hell this was.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch smiled. "Shhh, what your feeling is nothing.. Try dying.. Now that's intense." He chuckled, stroking her hair. He knew pain, she had no clue.

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KT (queenlykt) "I've felt death thousands of times, sweetie." Ramiel laughed sarcastically, though she didn't move away. She was still trembling as she closed her eyes, taking in a deep, slow breath.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch was an expert at controlling his emotions. He made sure she didn't see all the darkness he could feel. That would be torture for her. He felt happiness he felt concern and that was all. "Well, I've actually died" he said, still smiling.

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KT (queenlykt) "Remember what you felt when you died? Anger, fear, pain, whatever?" Ramiel explained, looking up at him. "I have felt that hundreds of thousands of times, and a thousand at the same time. You don't have it that bad." She smiled slightly and swung her legs down to stand on her own two feet, though she was still bracing herself against him since she was still shaky.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch' face went grave and suddenly his aura changed to what could only be described as cold. He touched her face with his bare hands, forcing her to look into his eyes. "Coming back was worse.. Would you like to know how that feels? I could show you, I remember it quite vividly." A crazed smile spread across his face.

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KT (queenlykt) ((gtg bbl))

Ramiel looked up at him, cringing at his touch but not pulling away. She wasn't stupid, but she had always been a curious person. "I'm sure I've gone through worse." She shrugged, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch grabbed her by the throat, not choking her but showing he could snap her neck at anytime. He let loose all of his emotions and memories. No one was as disturbed and malicious as moloch except satan himself. He let it all out, starting with his death. The divine lightning of God striking him, scorching off his flesh layer by layer, his eyes melting in their sockets, and his bones being scorched to ash and he felt all of it, even as a pile of ashes. Then his rebirth, his bones piecing themselves back together, along with his organs and skin bubbling back to their original state, then his agonized screams as his body finally comes together 10x worse than death by divine lightning and more pain than a typical angel could endure. And then his rampage. Killing millions and destroying cities until his thirst for death had been quenched.


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KT (queenlykt) Ramiel was shaking, staggering slightly as it hit her. But she hadn't been lying. She had been through worse. Oh, it was by no means pleasant, but she was atleast braced for this one. Her hand tightened, fisting into his shirt as she gritted her teeth, blinking tears out of her eyes and making them dripped down her cheeks. "Stop-" She choked out, steadying her breathing. "Stop." She breathed again, this time without the shake in her voice. She opened her eyes and studied him. "Well. You've been through more than most could handle, I'll give you that." She laughed without humor, grip still tight on his shirt.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch smiled and released her throat, covering his heartless attitude with his facade of happiness and concern. Most would go insane going through that. She was tough and that amused him.

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KT (queenlykt) Ramiel studied him farther, interested. She knew he was covering up some emotions, and she knew she could feel them if she wanted, but she wasn't a masochist. But, the beautiful fallen angel was quick on the uptake. "If you're so evil and dark, and if you kill everything.... then why intercede with Raguel?" She pointed out, nodding over at Raguel as she mentioned em.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments He grimaced. "He was having too much fun with you.. I hate Angels.. You are my kind.." He explain bluntly. He also wanted to see if he could have fun with her later.. His kind of fun.. But he left that part out.

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KT (queenlykt) "I think we both know I'm not Fallen the same way you are." Ramiel smiled slightly. "I fell as a mercy. During big battles.... someone who can feel other's death and emotions doesn't have it well off." She pointed out, though she didn't seem very inclined to stop talking to him. He was nice-to her atleast.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch smiled, "I figured." He said chuckling. He flexed his large black wings, knowing he'd earned their dark color. "If what you say is true, you'd be a fallen with white wings." He said, knowing they'd be white, but he wanted to see them.

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KT (queenlykt) Ramiel smiled slightly and stepped back away from him, removing her hand from his chest. She didn't want to rip her shirt, that'd be more awkward then her other option, so she reached back and pulled the back of her tanktop up. Of course it made the front hike up a bit too, but everything important was still covered. Her wide, feathered white wings spread out behind her, and she looked back at him. "You're one hundred percent correct." She smiled.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch grinned, tossing his torn shirt aside. "Beautiful.." He mused. He walked toward her

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KT (queenlykt) A vibrant smile lit Ramiel's face at the compliment, and she released the shirt, allowing it to just be held up by the base of her wings. "Why thank you." she responded happily, a bit surprised.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch caressed Ramiel's face softly. He looked into her eyes. He made sure not to make his dark thoughts so appearant. Moloch was a beautiful man, and he knew so. He pulled Ramiel toward him and placed the hand that wasn't caressing her face on the small of her back.

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KT (queenlykt) Through all her strengths and weaknesses, Ramiel was nobody's fool. Which was one large reason that she was quite odd in this sense- she was beautiful, ancient.... And she'd never been with anyone. It was partially her decision, yes, but mostly her whole emotion thing. She was a smart girl. She knew from just the surface of his mind that he was keeping some emotions hidden from her, and from what she'd felt from him so far, she knew they weren't exactly rainbows and puppy thoughts.

But she wasn't thinking about that now. The little tingle his hand caused on her back, and their closeness was more than enough to keep her from delving beneath the surface of his mind. When he pulled her forward she almost stumbled, so she braced herself against his bare chest with her hands. Looking up at him, her silver and gold gaze met his evenly, betraying only that she was a bit nervous when in actuality, she was almost terrified. Not of him, but of what was happening.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch gazed into her eyes for a moment meeting her silver and gold with his own vibrant green. He enjoyed the aura of fear that surrounded her, to him it just made her all the more beautiful. Not as beautiful as he was of coarse, but close. Moloch bathed in her fear for a moment before leaning down and pressing his lips against her own. She was so innocent, and Moloch would be more than happy to take that innocence.

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KT (queenlykt) Ramiel flinched slightly as his lips touched hers, but it wasn't exactly the kiss, just the fact that there was more contact and therefore more emotions flowing through to her. She didn't move away, but her eyes half closed as she cautiously kissed him back, her hands tensing against his chest, though she was careful to not hurt him.

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Hinoko Seiko | 93 comments Moloch was being very slow and gentle with her. He kissed her slowly and softly, the hand that was caressing her face was now tangled in her hair. The hand on her back was pressing her to him. He couldn't believe he'd gotten his hands on such a beautiful innocent flower. He bit her lip playfully, careful not to hurt her.

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KT (queenlykt) Jumping slightly in surprise at the light feel of his teeth, Ramiel fought the urge to pull away. It was so strange to be so close to a person- and she did mean that physically. She was used to the unbearable flood of emotions, but he had enough control over his she didn't feel like she was drowning in them. She also knew he was hiding some, but she really didn't care about that.

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