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Death Comes to Pemberly
Colleen Browne Colleen Oct 28, 2014 11:31AM
Just wondering what other Jane Austin fans thought of the first part of the BBC program Death Comes to Pemberely which aired on my local PBS channel this past Sunday (the first of 2 parts)

I've been hesitant to watch it mainly because I couldn't handle the book. I actually put the book down because the characters - particularly Lizzie - didn't ring true to who they were in P&P. I understand growing up, but Lizzie lost almost all her vivacity in the bits of the book I read.

It seems people feel the same about her in this rendition too.

I saw it, and I turned it on this week too, but it wasn't on! I'm so excited to see the second part though. Still, I didn't much care for the actress who played Lizzy. She seemed far too old to me!

I watched the whole series it aired on Long Island PBS, and while I loved the whole premise, I also thought this Lizzy portrayal was not quite spot on, nor Darcy's portrayal but remember when they were alone they would kid around, in public or in front of the staff, they have to maintain a certain stature. And it seemed someone was always about in Pemberley. I loved seeing Master Fitzwilliam running around, brought tears to my eyes. And well since we haven't gotten anything from P&P on the screen in a long time, I welcomed this.

This aired in Australia on Sunday night. I enjoyed the story but agree with Sheila, Anna Maxwell Martin was great in Bletchley Circle just wasn't right as Lizzy. I'm looking forward to the second part on Sunday night.

I thought the book was just OK and the BBC series the same.

PD James has written many better books.

What exactly is the story of Death Comes to Pemberley?

I'm sorry to say that Anna Maxwell Martin, who I absolutely adored in "The Bletchley Circle" didn't really fit the role of Lizzy (for me). Too serious and careworn, it seemed. It was... unexpected of Lizzy.

I'll probably tune in next week, although I think I kind of faded off to sleep a little before the end of this one.

deleted user I agree! I'm also not taken with the casting for Darcy. I remember him too well from Brothers and Sisters; he whined too much and too convincingly in ...more
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Emma To be fair to Anna, I do think it was the script and/or directing that was to blame. None of the characters seemed to fit. I do think Anna is an excel ...more
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