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message 1: by Jim, The Ulti-Moderator (new)

Jim (jkmfilms) | 787 comments Mod
So, has anyone else become obsessed with this video game?

I downloaded it a long time ago on my iPad and never got around to playing it. Then my 2nd-grader started playing it and got me to start.

It's quite a lot of fun if you like fighting games. You can collect different DC characters, and build them up - each having different interesting powers. It's made by the same folks who make Mortal Kombat.

But I happened across the comics at my local library, and I have to say I was impressed. They're intense, and have an interesting storyline. It seems to me that it's more along the lines of a futuristic Elseworlds tale, and I really enjoyed it.

To round out the obsession, I found that my library also had Injustice Gods Among Us: The Album, which I listened to as I read the comics - I thought it was (IMO) a number of hit-or-miss songs. But then I listened to the Injustice Soundtrack (they sure are milking this!) and enjoyed it more than the Album.

message 2: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing I've read the first part of the comic run and I've enjoyed the story pretty well. We have all the games here in the house, but not even Nightwing can really get me interested in fighting type games. ;-) I LOL'd about the soundtrack. I wonder who buys that type of stuff.

message 3: by Salvatore (new)

Salvatore | 34 comments I have played the iPad version and the video game one and I was looking forward to reading the comics

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