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Queen of The Moon Werewolves lol

Queen of The Moon So whose guy and whose girl

Queen of The Moon Okay. Do you know anything about werewolves in general? Like mates and pack dynamics and such

Queen of The Moon Lol I can explain if you want

Queen of The Moon Lol okay

Queen of The Moon Sure. after i eat and come up with a guy

Queen of The Moon If you have your girl done can you post her?

Queen of The Moon picture if you can find one

Queen of The Moon Lol I meant like if you could post everything about her. Personality, habbits, history, all that

Queen of The Moon Name: Henry
Age: 19
Species: Werewolf
Status: Alpha
Personality: He grew up shy, hating all the attention that he got because he was the alpha's son. He grew out of that in some ways. He is quiet and sometimes brooding, but he is a good leader and takes in every detail before he makes decisions about anything.

History: He was the only child to Magnus and Lucia, the Alpha and Luna of the Trophic Pack, located in the southern parts of Illinois. His dad taught him how to fight and be a man at a young age and when it came time his mother taught him how to treat and be respectful to women, even how to react when he found his mate. When he was 15 the Trophic pack was attacked and his parents were murdered defending the pack, which meant that Henry had to step up. The incident took it's toll on him, and made him a little reckless, until he finally realized that his pack needed him. Now he is a storng leader that protects his pack at all costs, and is desperately trying to find his mate, the love of his life.

Appearance: http://www.therealbest.com/img/items/...

Queen of The Moon She doesn't have to be. Mates can be either wolfxwolf or wolfxhuman, though the wolfxhuman is rare for those who aren't alpha's or beta's.

Queen of The Moon Well you didn't give age lol. That would help a lot with where they meet.

Queen of The Moon Mkay. So lets say they meet ... while grocery shopping?

Queen of The Moon You want to start?

Queen of The Moon "It's alright dear, nothing to apologize for." Henry assured her smiling. He had been lost in his own thoughts, and his wolf had been 'napping' so neither of them had heard the girl coming.

Queen of The Moon "You too. Though I would have preffered anohter method of meeting." he chuckled and watched her curiously. She was clearly human, and her scent was like vanilla and a warm summer day.

Queen of The Moon Henry's eyes widened as tiny shocks went through him, and suddenly his wolf was howling in victory. There was no way though, she was so ... human ... he didn't think he could possibly make her understand

Queen of The Moon "I'm having a party at my house tonight. You want to come?" he asked

Queen of The Moon "No. Just a lot of dancing. Like in a club." he added just in case she didn't get out much

Queen of The Moon He pulled a random card for a company out of his pocket. "Got a pen?" he asked chuckling at her enthusiasm

Queen of The Moon He wrote his address on the back of the card and handed it to her. "There you go."

Queen of The Moon boop

Queen of The Moon His wolf growled angrily at her walking away but Henry just reminded him that they would see her later. He grabbed some stuff for the party and headed back to his pack, warning them that a human would be coming so they had to be on their best behavior. At 8 the party was in full swing, the front door and windows on the first floor of the house were wide open, letting music pour out of the house. People were packed in the living room, dancig and flirting as others were in the kitchen getting drinks. Henry mingled around, waiting on his mate to show up.

Queen of The Moon Henry knew the instant that she she walked in the door. He let her seek him out though.

Queen of The Moon Henry saw her head up the stairs and cringed as he raced up after her.

Someone else got to her first though, one of the player type wolves in his pack. He pinned her against the wall and looked at her hungrily. "Hello there little one."

Queen of The Moon "What do you want with him? I can show you a much better time" he smirked and pressed his lips to hers in a sloppy kiss.

Henry found them right when Marik kissed her and Henry saw red. He ripped him off her, throwing him againstbthe opposite wall standing prospectively between them.

A girl came out of one of the rooms, saw Henry's state and grabbed the girl pulling her into the room as Henry began yelling.

Queen of The Moon "Hi. I'm really sorry about my brother, he doesn't know how to keep hisvhads to himself. You must be Henry's ma... friend." she rushed out.

Queen of The Moon "Oh right sorry this is my boyfriend. We heard Henry and knew something was going down. I'm Emi by the way. Do you like our house?" she asked, hearing Henry's wolf yelling at everyone in the pack not to let Marik back onto pack property for at least a week for assaulting his mate. Henry was standing in the hallway trying to calm down, he didn't want to scare her.

Queen of The Moon Henry had stepped into the room. "Yeah everything's fine." he assured her smiling in thanks at Emi. "Are you alrigut?" he asked concern clear on his face as he looked her over.

Queen of The Moon "Same. Lets go downstairs and dance, maybe get you a drink after that while fiasco." he took her hand and led her out of the room, ignoring Emi's gushing to her mate

Queen of The Moon "Marik's an asshole." he told her shaking his head. He grabbed a wine cooler from the fridge and handed it to her. "Drink this." he urged watching her carefully

Queen of The Moon "I was planning on it." he led her onto the dance floor. He could clearly smell her arousal, and it was driving his wolf crazy with need.

Queen of The Moon He kissed her back for a moment before he pulled away, lasting the alcohol she had drank moments before. He gently pulled away. "No. We can't Savannah." he told her gently

Queen of The Moon He took her hand and led her to the third floor of the house, the floor with his room and only his room. He closed the door behind him glad that his room was soundproof.

Queen of The Moon He sat down on his bed and patted the spot beside him. "Come here" he urged

Queen of The Moon The sparks shot through him again and he gently pulled his hand away. "I know you are attracted to me and I know why, but do you know why you are attracted to me?" he asked her.

Queen of The Moon He sighed and nodded. How was he supposed to tell her what he was without freaking her the hell out. He rubbed his face with both hands trying to think.

Queen of The Moon "No. Nothing is okay." he grumbled angrily.

Queen of The Moon He caught her hand gently and pulled her back down. "You feel the shocks right?" he asked her

Queen of The Moon He nodded. "And you've never felt them before right." he was trying to lead her into the correct answer.

Queen of The Moon He nodded. "So then you are drawn to me the way you have never been drawn to someone before." he sighed. "Which would mean you can draw what conclusion from that?" he asked.

Queen of The Moon "Something like that." he watched her carefully.

Queen of The Moon He stood up and pushed her gently onto the bed. "Sit, don't speak, don't move." he told her as he stepped away from her.

Queen of The Moon He pulled his shirt over his head and then unbuttoned his jeans and kicked them to the side. He was in his boxers for only a moment before they were in shreds on the floor as he was now a wolf. He watched her curiously, wondering how she was going to walk.

Queen of The Moon He nodded in reply and inched forwar, putting his head on her lap.

Queen of The Moon He closed his eyes and happily growled, the sound coming from low in his throat.

Queen of The Moon He pressed his nose against her stomach, leaning into her hands

Queen of The Moon His wolf was the one who replied, using their link he spoke into her mind Because you are mine his voice was rougher than Henry's. He was more commanding and sure of himself as well.

Queen of The Moon Not yet dear. Henry wants to be gentle with you. We know you've never been with anyone before, and wolves are naturally commanding and possessive. I'm an alpha, which means even more so on my part. he explained gently knowing that if he tried anything Henry would lock him away and never turn again as punishment for harming their mate.

Queen of The Moon It doesn't work like that. You are my mate, which makes you my packs Luna. The.most cherished wolf in the pack, because only you have the power to calm me, sometimes even control me. he told her pulling back to lick her cheek.

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