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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Hi Pamela. Great to meet you. :)

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I compared our books and this is the list I've come up with (in no order):

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
Foundation by Isaac Asimov
I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo
The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin
Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds
Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health by Jo Robinson

I'm a Sci-fi fan so I'm pretty open to a lot in the genre. Any other suggestions would be wonderful. ◕‿◕

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Awesome. I'm in for it. I have Time Shifters. Let's go on our adventure!

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I will start some of the first book tonight.

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Do you like girl superhero books? I'm going to start reading Karma Girl and Mind Games for Vaginal Fantasy. :) Do these books sound interesting to you?

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Thanks for putting that up about the books. I'm enjoying the book so far. It did start off quickly. I'm about 10% of the way through it and it looks real promising. I have made some notes but haven't had time to post them yet. I'm hoping I will today (inbetween my working day).

I wonder why someone is snagging them? I'm not sure why they are being nabbed but I think perhaps someone is testing on them because they see the power of Time Traveling. I wonder how they are able to see they are different. Regular people can't see the special colors right?

As for the superhero books they are just books that are discussion books from Vaginal Fantasy, a GR's group by Felicia Day. They are Fantasy or Sci-fi books with some romance in them. I really liked last month books it was a steampunk book. These look fun, she picked strong female superhero books. So, I'm giving them a go.


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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Pamela I did a breakdown of the chapters.

Chapter 1:
(view spoiler)

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Chapter 2:
(view spoiler)

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Chapter 3:

(view spoiler)

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Chapter 4:
(view spoiler)

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Chapter 7:
(view spoiler)

Chapter 9:
(view spoiler)

Chapter 10:
(view spoiler)

Chapter 11:
(view spoiler)

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Chapter 12:
(view spoiler)

Chapter 13:
(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

That was a fun quick book. I didn’t know that this series is going to be a television show. I wonder what network.

Looks like a lot of my questions were answered. :) How far are you in the book? Did you finish it?

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I haven't started on the second book yet. I've been reading other books as well. I finished The Gunslinger and I'm a quarter of the way through in The Lies of Locke Lamora. I'm really enjoying the book.

About Akalya's parents and a few other things from the first book. (view spoiler)

I'll start the second book but will finish it on the 8th. I want points for it on a challenge for another group. :)

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I read Children of the Morning. I gave this one 3 stars. I felt let down a little from the book. I really enjoyed the first one but this one I just didn't connect well with it. Here is what I wrote about it,

(view spoiler)

You gave it five starts. I'm wondering why you loved it so much. Sell me on it. I want to know! I kind of feel that the relationship brought it down. Is it just me?

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Would you like to read something else while we wait for Miss Lauffey to send us the third book?

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I liked what you wrote about in why you enjoyed the book. I agree, it's all character building in this second book. I think that's the big shift from the first book to the second book.

I know I'm waiting of her email to say, the book is ready. :)

I'm reading a lot of books right now. I've already read The Ocean at the End of the Lane. That's a wonderful book. I enjoyed it a lot. Very different but so are all his book. He has some of the best world set ups.

I haven't read Oliver Twist but I've watched the movie. :P I'm starting up Crime and Punishment. I'm actually reading about a book a day. I'm able to read at my job when I get some down time. Other times I'm not able to. I just end up switching books when I'm able to.

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Yay! I just got it too. :) Okay we will start on it. :) I can't wait to see what this one is about.

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I started reading it and it's interesting they are in Spokane. I used to live by there. :) I'm in Washington State but closer to the Seattle side. I love those connections.

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) Okay, I finished the book. I'm curious to see what you think of it.

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RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I'm sorry. I forgot this thread! How the heck can I do that. :P I was doing some reading challenges and a lot of book discussions. I read the third book fast. I have to say I think it's going to be real good when she makes the TV series. I think it's set up good for that.

I liked it. I found there some was weaknesses in it but I enjoyed it overall. This one has a lot of action. They all do but this one had a big push for it. My favorite of them all is the first book.

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