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message 1: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Forster (goodreadscomjmforster) | 4 comments Hello everyone,
I was really pleased when a youngster in Tunisia won my giveaway and I have duly sent off the book. He is now saying he is having trouble getting the book from the post office without having a special reference number which I should have. I wasn't given any number when I posted it (I sent it via Royal Mail, not signed for from the UK and all I got was a proof of posting). Has anyone else had trouble or had experience of sending books to Tunisia? Anyone got any advice as to what he can do to get the book? Many thanks!

message 2: by Geoff (new)

Geoff Woodland | 27 comments Perhaps an e-mail to the British Embassy to ask for clarification of the postal regs ?? (and perhaps their help)

Try the Cultural attache might be the best avenue after all you are 'exporting' British products :-o)

Good luck

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