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What's Under My Bed?
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Casey Rae Hi All,

I'm trying to remember this book from when my siblings and I were children. We read it in the early nineties, although I'm not sure of the actual publish date/ author/ illustrator. It involved a young boy going to his grandparent's house to sleepover. He keeps hearing scary sounds, and goes to find his Grandfather, who then shows him it's not really anything scary and puts him to bed. In the end, they eat ice cream together. The illustrations were very scribbly, if I remember correctly. Anyone have any further ideas about this book?!!


The book is called "What's Under My Bed?" By James Stevenson.

Emily | 138 comments This sounds like it could be What's Under My Bed? by James Stevenson. It was published in the 1980s, so could have been read by you in the 90s, the plot matches, and it's definitely scribbly!

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Casey Rae That's it!! Thank you Emily! I have been trying to find this for ages!

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