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Richard Rivett | 1 comments Hello my name is Richard and I am new to Goodreads and excited about this group!

I just finished 'Awakened Living' by Russell Kyle. A good book. I'm still doing the daily exercises but moving on to reading 'Polishing the Mirror' by Ram Dass.

What are you reading? What to you plan on reading next?

message 2: by Reza (new)

Reza Mohamed (spirit-potential) | 1 comments Hi! I recently self-published a book and only just now joined Goodreads. I'm looking for constructive reviews for my book and thought this would be a good place to ask questions. Does anyone in this group have any suggestions?

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Sajith Buvi | 1 comments Hi,

I am Sajith Buvi. Good to be part of Mind, Body and Spirit.

message 4: by Neil (new)

Neil Hayes | 1 comments Hi, I am Neil. I have a BA and a doctoral degree in Psychology from Oxford University. For my doctoral work, I specialised in the unconscious mind, which led me to Eastern psychology. I have been a psychologist and meditator ever since, and have written a book on the subject - "A View from a Lake: Buddha, Mind and Future". I am very enthusiastic about helping people to manage their own minds, and therefore the future of our beautiful planet. I am delighted to be part of this group.

Web site: http://www.neilhayesauthor.co.uk
Twitter: @NeilHayesAuthor

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Marise | 1 comments Hi Everyone, I am interested in just being more in the moment and would like to stop with all the future worry, etc...which,as a mom, is nearly impossible!

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