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Danni My mother just watched the movie and wants to read the next one. Should she read divergent first? I read all three and can't remember how much you need for insurgent. Like I said, she's seen the movie and is a very impatient person, so does it matter if she goes straight to insurgent? Sorry if this is repetitive.

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She should read it the details in the book will help her understand somethings that arent mentioned in the movie. but if she doesnt start with insurgent she should start from the beginning.

Ilana while the movie didn't veer too far off course from the book - i think that there were a bunch of key characters that are in insurgent that weren't in the movie so it's probably in her best interest to read the series in order before jumping into the middle.

Dramapuppy I think she should read Divergent first simply because Insurgent sucks and if she starts with it she won't get to Allegiant. (which is really good btw)

Julia I agree, READ DIVERGENT!

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