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Charles Vrooman (greenpower) | 33 comments When I published my novel in February, I had no idea that Ebola would be top news.
Here’s an excerpt from the biotech thriller novel, “The True Virus”, where doctors realize that they might have a patient with an Ebola infection.

["David, do you think we could be looking at a case of viral hemorrhagic fever?"
"I reviewed the notes you took on the patient's history. He hasn't traveled to any parts of the world where he could have contacted a causative agent. I also asked if he had been in contact with anyone showing similar symptoms to his own. He answered no. However, he did say that in his line of business, he comes in contact with people from all over the world."
"Let's hope that this isn't a viral hemorrhagic fever case. If it is, we are all at risk. I better have the lab draw whatever samples are necessary to send to the World Health Organizations laboratory for identification of a possible virus." Dr. Morrison hesitated as he thought of a possible epidemic before adding, "We all better be careful. I'm glad you've put him on strict isolation. I'll have to check and make a list of all personnel who had contact with him before isolation procedures were put into effect." Kevin pointed to himself as he said, "That list starts with me."
Dr. Rothwell lowered his head as he said, "Put me on that list also. I had numerous incidences where I had contact with the patient before we set up our isolation procedure."
"I will do that and also check out the nurses treating Mr. Colby. Let's hope it's not Ebola or a close relative or we're all in deep shit."

Outside Mark's room, Dr. Morrison gowned up as he put on gloves and a mask before entering. After entering the room, Kevin was taken back by what he saw. Mark was bleeding from the nose and mouth. There were black and blue marks all up and down his arms and legs. A unit of blood was hanging from the IV pole.
Just when Kevin was approaching Mark's bedside, the EKG monitor squealed loudly and Dr. Morrison saw a flat line glare across the monitor. He immediately picked up the phone and dialed the number for the hospital overhead speakers and shouted three times. "Code Blue, Room 110!"
Dr. Morrison instinctively and instantly started CPR compressions on Mark's chest. He was glad to see the crash team arrive and watched a respiratory tech put the mouth piece over Mark's face to start pumping oxygen into his lungs. With all the controlled chaos around Mark's bed, Kevin couldn't help but notice that most of the responders weren't wearing the protective gear for an isolation room. But this was an emergency situation and time was critical.
The EKG scopes still showed a straight line. Dr. Morrison knew Mark was dying as he shouted, "Get the pads and stand back." A nurse handed Kevin the shock pads and with everyone standing back, he placed them on Mark's chest as the nurse hit the switch. The EKG monitor still showed a straight line. He tried two more times, but still no response.
Kevin thought fast as he yelled out, "Get me an ampoule of Epinephrine and syringe for a heart stimulus." The trained nurse had what Kevin needed immediately. With that, he took hold of a syringe and thrust the large long needle directly into Mark's heart.
Dr. Morrison's chin dropped to his chest as he listened to the solid squeal of the EKG monitor. He knew there was no hope as he looked at his watch and said, "That's it folks. Enter 12:45 AM as time of death."
Kevin watched as everyone left the room. These were the times as a doctor that he felt helpless. He knew he had done everything he could. But whatever had caused Mark's death was still a mystery. The scary part was realizing that this could possibly be the start of more deaths. Maybe even his life would be one of the statistics.]

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Shellie Uchtman (shelluch) | 13 comments Yes, I would read this. Thanks for sharing, I will check it out.

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Will | 1 comments "The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston is a very scary book based on the Ebola virus. It is very graphic, however, but I highly recommend it.

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Sarah | 4 comments Yes I would. Last book I read was called The Hot Zone The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus by Richard Preston . Wouldn't mind reading another good one.

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