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Kiss Wilder (KissBooks) | 11 comments Mod
Post your contemporary, mystery/thriller, and urban reads in this folder for ease of browsing.

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Nyla Nox (nylanox) | 2 comments Graveyards of the Banks - Monsters Arising will be on 0.99 discount 18- 23 November.
A disturbing and engaging book about a toxic work environment. Furiously fast paced and told with dark, acerbic wit.
Are you working in a job that destroys your soul? Are you forced to witness the daily humiliation of your colleagues and afraid to help? How can you survive, and how can you live?
Midnight in the City of London. The Masters of Finance rule the world. Small creatures run for cover.
Nyla, a jobless humanities graduate with broken dreams is forced to work on the midnight shift at the graphics centre of the Most Successful Bank in the Universe in London. She stumbles into a dark world ruled by bullies and bitches.
And the Monsters in the Bank are not sleeping.
The Fittest to Rule continue their cold, brutal regime, and Nyla’s abusive supervisors have absolute power over her bodily functions. Vera, a new arrival, becomes the ultimate target.
But Nyla’s love life is finally taking off. Lazy afternoons and kisses sweeten the relentless work routine. Why should she have to stand up for freedom and decency when everyone else is looking away?
But as Vera’s torment continues, dramatic events force Nyla to confront the monsters (inside and out) and make a very dangerous decision.
Everything is on the line. Her job, her home, her education. Her relationship.
The graveyard shift is volatile.
And suddenly, a very different shape appears on the horizon that will shake up Nyla’s world forever...

Monsters Arising is volume 2 in the trilogy ‘Graveyards of the Banks’.
A short introduction ‘What Went Before’ brings the reader up to speed and this volume can be enjoyed on its own. Volume 1 ‘I did it for the money’ is also available on AmazonGraveyards of the Banks - Monsters Arising

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A.C. Hutchinson | 1 comments Fancy a supernatural thriller?

Check out THE GHOST AND THE RAILWAY on Scribd.

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