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Marcus Finch **SPOILERS for first Bloodlines book**

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YourFriendlyNeighborhoodSpidey Okay, does anyone know how old Marcus is? Because the math isn't adding up for me.

See, when we first heard about Marcus, I was expecting someone older, like Clarence's age, so I didn't pay TOO much attention, but this is what I've gathered:

Marcus saved Clarence from the Warriors of Light when Lee was young (I'm going to assume, like, ten). And then nine years pass, at which point Lee is turned into Strigoi, which he remains so for 10-15 years. Lee is restored, and then around five years pass until he's killed. Based on all this, assuming Marcus saved Clarence when he was a 1-year-old, he's 24-29 at this point. I guess that's not TOO out of the ball park for all these high schoolers to be hitting on him, but still.

1+9 (Lee's aging)+10 (Lee's Strigoi)+5 (Lee's restored Stigoi)=24
1+9+15 (Lee's Strigoi)+5=29

Also, I think it's extremely unlikely Marcus saved Clarence at 1, so let's redo this assuming he was 20.


That was how old I was expecting Marcus to be! like, forties to fifties. But no, he's young and hot enough for high school girls to be hitting on him and to create an awkward and badly done love-triangle!

Did I miss something? Is my math or my understanding of the timeline faulty? Did anyone else notice this? Am I the only bothered by Richelle Mead's apparent preference for teenage girls to be with older men (no offense to Romitri, I love you)?

Lily He actually saved Clarence shortly after Lee was restored and had already killed Tamara. So he is about 21-22, so he is Adrian's age.

Lily You are very welcome, I am happy to help. It's nice to know other people actually think about the books they read.

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