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Diana (Geminic) | 32 comments

Have you been wanting to get a hold of something YA, fairytale related, but not the ones that are copying the story with different characters? Try Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge.

The book starts with a world unseen that is trapped in a dome made by the demon king who overthrew the other king. After Nyx is FORCED to become the demon kings next wife after her supposed father makes a deal with the devil. She is sent off to the demon kings castle after marriage. Although he wasn't exactly at the wedding, she doesn't know what the demon looks like. Perhaps he has the looks of a beast and the beauty of a soul or the beauty and the beast of a soul. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, he has beauty in soul and heart, but the kingdoms view of beast? Let's go find out! :D ♡ P.S. the ending of Cruel Beauty has a REALLY weird twist that you'll be like "OH MY FANGIRL!" Yes, it's that good of a twist. :)

Also! If you think Cruel Beauty is awesome, try Rosamund's other books, "Gilded Ashes" and "Crimson Bound" which will be out in 2015 (Only Crimson Bound)


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I've heard a LOT about this book! Am eager to read this...

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Diana (Geminic) | 32 comments It's the best YA fairytale book ever~

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