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message 1: by Xan (new) - rated it 3 stars

Xan Snedecor so far my book is about 2 boys that are reeducated during the 1970 communist rise in china, they are sent out into the mountain towns until they have learned to change. they arrived at a series of villages and were sent to the poorest one of them all were the village headmaster had them doing constant work for about 8 hours a day. the two main characters are luo and his buddy who is the narrator of the book (has no name) they are both smart boys in their teen years. they both meet a girl name the little Chinese seamstress that they both feel affectionate for as they are reeducated.

i feel that the book shows a journey and struggle at the same time during a huge change in china. the authors language goes in depth about the boys on how they try to cope with a new life without their family or western technology. the book shows a good glimpse of what communism was like and how it affected others.

Stephen Lindow I found the plot lacking.

Silverpiper Read it, loved it. Didn't need much of a plot succeed! ;0)!

Stephen Lindow I was excited to be in China during the Cult. Rev. I wanted more action and/or discussion/response to more of the literature hid in the suitcase. Balzac's short story 'A Passion in the Desert' I feel is wonderful. I wasn't much moved by Pere Goriot.

message 5: by Silverpiper (last edited Oct 30, 2014 12:54PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Silverpiper This is essentially a comedy. You won't a find an ocean in the middle of a cornfield. Choose a different book if you want something heavier.

Stephen Lindow I didn't feel the novel was a comedy. I chose the title because it was under 200 pgs. I've moved on to four others.

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