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Onyxia The Dragon Heeeere we go

Onyxia The Dragon It's cool. I'm used to being the guy, so yeah. Umm... Maybe a murder type of RP? A detective is on a serious murder case and he/she meets someone they end up falling in love with. Then that person turns out to be either the murderer or connected to the murderer.

Onyxia The Dragon o.O

Onyxia The Dragon OKAY XD

Onyxia The Dragon So do you want to be the detective or the person they meet?

Onyxia The Dragon Alrighty.

Onyxia The Dragon I'll get to work on my guy

Onyxia The Dragon Name: Brennan Caleb Amor
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: TBRPD
Background: Brennan's older brother Claud is the famous Rose Killer. He murders his victims in parks or gardens, then he places a bouquet of flowers in their hands after they're dead. Brennan knows about it, but he can't just rat out his brother.
Extra: Brennan enjoys listening to music. He plays the bass, guitar, drums, and piano.

Onyxia The Dragon Awesome. Want me to start or can you?

Onyxia The Dragon Brennan sat quietly in the town square, thinking of all the murders his brother commit. It started with a woman in her mid fifties, then a teenage boy and his girlfriend. And just recently, an old man and a young woman. Brennan sighed heavily, resting his head back on the bench. "He's taking this too far.." he said to himself quietly.

Onyxia The Dragon (Oooo, good thinking)

Brennan noticed as a girl around his age approached the water fountain a few feet away. He watched surprised as she started screaming. Did she say... Rose Killer? Oh shit.. Brennan bit his lip, thinking about leaving. But he found himself standing up and quietly approaching her. He sat down on the edge of the fountain and reached out, gently touching her shoulder. "Hey.. are you alright?" he asked gently.

Onyxia The Dragon Brennan could tell that she was suffering from lack of sleep. He bit his lip and patted her shoulder gently. He then recognized her as one the detectives. "It sounds like you need a lot of rest detective," he said softly.

Onyxia The Dragon He stood up and helped her stand up too. "Maybe you just need a break from the case you're working on.. You don't look like you're doing very well at the moment.." He normally didn't tell people what they should do, but he felt that she needed it.

Onyxia The Dragon "Alright miss, you need to take a deep breath for me, okay?" He talked to her in a soothing voice, hoping that it would make her calm down.

Onyxia The Dragon He smiled slightly and shook his head. "Please don't worry about it. Just take my advice, okay? You'll feel better in no time. And to help you start out, how about I take you out? We could stop by the nearby cafe if you'd like."

Onyxia The Dragon He smiled and nodded. "I don't mind, just don't slap any cuffs on me," he said as he approached the car with her.

Onyxia The Dragon ((Shit, that's my actual name XD And her sister was in her mid fifties??))

Brennan slid into the passenger seat and buckled up. He caught sight of something red and noticed the rose with the photo. He looked closely at the photo, recognizing the girl's face. "Who is that?" he asked.

Onyxia The Dragon Brennan felt slightly sick once the words spilled out of her mouth. Shit.. Her sister.. God damn it Claud.. He looked up at her with sympathy in his eyes. "I'm so sorry.."

Onyxia The Dragon Brennan was calm on the inside, but his anger built up inside of him. Damn it Claud! I swear I'll kill you if this bullshit doesn't stop! He glanced at Haylee. "Kid? Huh, funny."

Onyxia The Dragon He bit his lip slightly and laid back in his seat. He knew that as soon as he saw Claud again, a fight would break out.

Onyxia The Dragon Brennan stared in shock at the scene. No.. No.. No! He covered his face in his hand, fighting back the urge to scream.

Onyxia The Dragon Brennan immediately held Haylee close, smoothing her hair and whispering that she was okay. "You need a break..." he said quietly.

Onyxia The Dragon He continued to smooth her hair and he quietly said, "I used to babysit her..." He sighed, closing his eyes.

Onyxia The Dragon He nodded slowly, knowing she could probably relax there. "Yeah, sure," he said quietly.

Onyxia The Dragon Brennan noticed that Haylee wasn't doing so well. He shook her shoulder and said, "Do you want me to drive?"

Onyxia The Dragon He gently shook her shoulder again. "It's two blocks away, but you shouldn't be driving. You're too exhausted."

Onyxia The Dragon He sighed and got out of the car. He picked up Haylee in his arms and gently set her down in the passenger seat. He slid into the drivers seat and started driving until he was parked in his driveway. He got out of the car and picked Haylee back up in his arms.

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