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essïe | 1053 comments Which pare of double would you like ? ^.^

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essïe | 1053 comments Sounds wonderful! Anything you'd like to request beforehand ?

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essïe | 1053 comments Totally! I'll make mine now

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essïe | 1053 comments ((TVD IS LIFEE!! Haha, here are my characters))

Guy A

•Name• Jasper Everwood
•Nickname• NONE

•Age• 18
•D.O.B• June 6th
•P.O.B South Dakota

•Gender• Male
•Sexuality• Straight


Girl A

•Name• Ellabeth Merrywheather
•Nickname• Ella

•Age• 17
•D.O.B• October 16th
•P.O.B Washington

•Gender• Female
•Sexuality• Straight


Girl D

•Name• Melrose Lovedeen
•Nickname• Melly, Rose

•Age• 17
•D.O.B• May 3rd
•P.O.B South Carolina

•Gender• Female
•Sexuality• Straight


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essïe | 1053 comments Yes please! c:

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essïe | 1053 comments Jasper was not suprise by Juliets behavior. He smiled against her lips but pulled back slightly. "Ah, ah, my love. We must take turns." He whisperd. Last night Jasper have had his fun with her but it was someone eles turn. He looked into her eyes and said, "Now get off and go get me a beer." He compelled her. Being the alpha was amazing, it definetly had it's perks.

Ella strolled in gracefully, giving Jasper an annoyed look before heading to her room. Ella never participated in his stupid games, she always went straight to her room. Annoyed by it all. But her mate Melrose thought differently. She walked in and stared at the alpha with seductive eyes, "Miss me?" She purred. Ella rolled her eyes and continue to make her way, but not before giving Jaxon a glance. With that she slid into her room and slammed her door shut.

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essïe | 1053 comments Jasper smiled, clearly amused. "Okay, ladies. Give us moment, will you?" He usherd them off, "I have to have a word with my good mate." He said, his eyes directed at Jaxon, a glint to his eye. As they walked away he turned his head slightly, "Why don't you see if you can get that blue eyed puppie to have some fun too? Her attitude is depressing me." He sighed.


Ella sketched away, blasting her music loudly. Trying to drown out what was outside of that door. She hated this. She accepted her new self but all they did was stay in the house, party, and sleep with each other. At least the other girls did. Ella had her fun outside of these walls. The only other one she could tolerate was Jaxon. He was a decent guy and he didn't bug her, that was always a pointer.

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essïe | 1053 comments Ella didn't bother to look up. "Well, tenchnically, you already are." She answerd. She looked up and half smiled, "What's up?" She asked. She was only nice to him. With the others she did tend to be a smart ass but whatever.


Jasper smiled closing his eyes, enjoying the feeling of their lips. "Ladies, don't leave Melly out." He whisperd. He usherd Melrose over. "Come, love. They don't bite.." Then he thought about it for a moment, "Well..not always." He smirked

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essïe | 1053 comments Ella chuckled softly, still sketching away. "That's because I like to actually sleep in my bed." She said, with a smirk. He was always out and about, it was an understandment. Ella couldn't help but blush at his compliment, she quickly recoverd. "Seems they are enjoing themselves. Why don't you ever get your own girl?" Ella asked curiously. Well, he could right?


Jaxon got lost in Donnas lips and ran his hand through her hair, pulling her closer. He knew his favorite was probably Donna. She was so..passionate you could say. He grabbed her by her thigh, pulling her closer.

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essïe | 1053 comments Ella bit her lip and shrugged, still concentrating on her drawing. "He just..isn't attractive to me. His personality sucks ass and..I dunno." She looked up at him for the first time and tilted her head slightly, a werwolf thing, "How come you haven't gone after those girls? I'm sure he wouldn't miss one." She pointed out.


Jasper smiled but pulled away, "I have to ask you ladies a question." He said, his voice husky. "How would you feel sharing? One of you anyway." He sighed, "My dear ol mate needs a beautiful girl like you goddeses. Which one of you would be willing?" He asked, his voice seducing

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essïe | 1053 comments Ellas heart began to race and she tried to keep still. Her cheeks flushed and she hated it. "And, what is that?" She asked quietly. She was confused. Jaxon never showed intrest in her before, why now? Ella didn't dare look down at his lips. Don't you dare.


Jasper sighed and looked at Melly, "I really liked you." He sighed. "Well, I guess it's just a matter of who he wants really." He shrugged. "Might any of you know who Jaxon..fancyes?"

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essïe | 1053 comments Ella bit her lip, trying to cover anything. She couldn't kiss him. She didn't know why but she couldn't. She squeezed her eyes shut, loving the feeling of his lips on her cheek.


Jasper thought about it, playing with Juliets hair. "Hm, maybe." He thought. "Might make that girl a bit" He stood up and clapped his hands. "Right then. Donna, would you mind getting him for me? We need to have a little talk." He smiled wickedly and made his way downstairs.

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essïe | 1053 comments Ella looked away. Just, in the moment kind of thing? Right. Ella couldn't help but feel dissapointed with it all. You really shouldn't start something you can't finish. Putting a piece of stray hair behind her ear she got up without looking at him and guided herself out.


When Jasper saw Donnda brought them all down he sighed. "Great, more lovely people." He said sarcasticly, staring at Ella in paticular. "You really are beautiful. Shame it didn't work out." With a sigh he looked back at Jaxon. "So, my friend. I've decided to give you a special gift. The gift might say." He smiled wickedly. "I shall let you decide what 2 of the girls in this house you would like. Ask and they'll be yours." He said simply. "Though, I must say, friend. Choose wisely." He smirked, giving Donna a wink.

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essïe | 1053 comments Ella stood in the corner watching curiously. He wonderd who'd he pick. Jasper smiled and looked in Ella's direction. "Seriously? Alright." He sighed. Ella prayed to god he didn't say her. She didn't want to be some puppy dog under a love spell. Jasper summond Melrose over and he kissed her hand lightly, "A shame." He sighed and Melly's eyes widend. She didn't want to, she loved Jasper. Sucked for her. He looked into her eyes and whisperd to her. In an instant she looked like a zombie, then she was back to normal. Jasper pouted as Melrose turned around slowly and faced Jaxon. She beamed and went over, jumping into his arms. Ella rolled her eyes and looked away, waiting for this to be over. "Ellabeth. If you will." He said warmly, holding out his hand. Ella's eyes widend and she shook her head franticly, "No. No! You can't make me." She insisted. She didn't want this, hell no! He growled, "Always so stubborn." He was by her side in an instant, both his hands on either side of her head, forcing her to look at him. "But I am your alpha. And you do as I say. Now, my darling Ellabeth. You love Jaxon, don't you? The sight of him makes you go wild. Everytime you think of him you want to kiss him and more. Your emotions swirl and most of the time you want to rip his clothes off. Aren't I correct? "Ellas eyes went blank. He sighed, "Now, my dear. Who is your true love?" Ella's emotions were hazy and so was her memory, but she knew her answer. "Jaxon. I love Jaxon."

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essïe | 1053 comments Jasper couldn't help but feel sorrow. Real sorrow, and he hated what he had done. This was different. He looked at Ella and whisperd words only she could hear. "I'm so sorry." He whisperd. "I broke my promise. Please, forgive me." He stared into her blank eyes, hopeing for an answer. The answer he knew he wouldn't get.

Ella turned away from him and looked at Jaxon. She stared at him, confused but finally she smiled and ran up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. Jasper watched, feeling sadness. Don't you dare. he thought to himself. He looked at Jaxon with the same expression he always had. Wanting the moment to pass. "You got your girls. What do you plan to do with them?" He wonderd, pulling Donna close and quirking an eyebrow at Jaxon.

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essïe | 1053 comments Melrose didn't hesitate. She smiled and sat on his lap, kissing him senselessly. She ran her hand up his shirt, feeling muscle. Elena, on the other hand, did hesitate. She didn't want this to be there first kiss. "I love you. Damn, it I love you so much, Jaxon." Melrose moaned in his ear as she licked his jawline then stuck her tounge down his throat.


"So naivie, my love." He chuckled. He already has. He slid his hand down Donnas side then squezed her butt lightly. "But, I'm pretty sure I didn't have to." He kissed Julie hard as he pulled Donna close. "You love me. Don't you girls?"

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essïe | 1053 comments Melrose growled at Elena then payed Jasper down. Elena sighed, relizing there was no way to getting to that. She'd just has her fun with him later. With a roll of her eyes she walked out of his room and into the living room, turning on the T.V.


Jasper moaned. He couldn't help but continue to feel bad for what he had done. Elena was his first member. She was there for him when he needed someone. When he was all alone. They did it together. She helped him through everything and all that she asked was that he would never compell her. It seemed so simple and easy. Life was so simple and easy before. What had happend?

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