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KT (queenlykt) Known angels/demons and a list of who you can claim to RP with. For these, you may add other powers, as long as they each have a good weakness. You can change the genders, but since most are male I have marked if they're specifically mentioned as female.

Non playable:AKA Elites
Gabriel(le)-Abundance (♀)

Sariel-Healing {Claimed-Aurora}
Raguel- Vengeance [Claimed-Elvina}
Zadkiel- Freedom/Mercy
Azreal- Death
Jophiel- Beauty
Haniel- Joy (♀)
Chamuel- Love
Ramiel- Hope {Claimed-KT]

Nonplayable- AKA Absolutes:
Lucifer- Light
Lilith- Lust (♀)
Abaddon- Destruction

Astaroth- Vanity
Azazel-Dead [Claimed-Elvina}
Beelzebub- Gluttony
Asmodeus- Lust {Claimed-Nina}

To request a character, comment:
Character Wanted-
RP Sample-

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Okay, tidbits of info:

Uriel's name means Light of God. According to some, Uriel is the Angel of Presence.

Phanuel's name means Face of God. Phanuel is described as the Angel of Penance and the Angel of Exorcism.

The article I was looking at then goes on to tell about how they are different but commonly associated with one another.

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