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Jordan the beast Shuping (dallase123) I HATE ANIMAL ABUSE.It is really stops and dumb because most of the cats I have are strays.Please comment in the file of you are against it too.

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Animal abuse is horrible.

Jordan the beast Shuping (dallase123) People jjust let there pets wonder around or they beat them and it is just so sad and frustrating.I just hate to see movies like that cause I cry when I see them.

JBF the fabulous one and only (LEOFOREVA) NO ANIMAL ABUSE I had a stray cat and named it potato

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Ugh I HATE animal abuse

JBF the fabulous one and only (LEOFOREVA) My cat looked like a potato so I named it potato

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AWWWW! What kind of cat was he/she?

JBF the fabulous one and only (LEOFOREVA) I don't know I was 5

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