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best all time apocalypse novels

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Ralph Rotten As a big fan of EOW stories, i thought id create my own list of the best apocalyptic novels, or at least the Must-Read books of the EOW genre.

Earth Abides
Lucifers Hammer
The Stand
World War Z
The Road
Left Behind
The Giver

Dawn of the dead
Last man on earth
Omega man
I am legend
28 days later

These are just the must read books

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Your list is missing Alas, Babylon. One of my all time favorite books and an Apoc classic.
This is not to be tolerated! *waves fist*

Just kidding:-)

But seriously read it when you get a chance.

Ralph Rotten I think i need to add Interstellar to that list. Although its a space story, the planet is dying so people are living in a dysotopian future. Good movie. I cried.

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