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message 1: by Kat (new)

Kat (katzombie) | 2478 comments The voting this month was nail-bitingly close. Coming from behind in a last minute rush, was Six Years by Harlan Coben.

Leading from the front, up until the final few votes was Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.

Discussion threads will open on November 1, but you can start reading whenever you like!

message 2: by Cherie (new)

Cherie (crobins0) | 19984 comments My friend at work just loaned me Harlan Coben's book, so looks like I will be reading that one. We were talking about mysteries and I mentioned the author to her. She said she had read all of his books and I laughed and said I had never read him. She also brought me Long Lost, because it was her favorite. Mr. P will have to stay on my TBR list a little longer.

message 3: by Elsbeth (new)

Elsbeth (elsbethgm) | 1136 comments I hope you will like it, Cherie! Six Years was the very first of his books I read and I really loved it (and the others I read as well)!

message 4: by Terra (new)

Terra (moonsbeamed) | 12 comments Both books just came available to me. Starting with Mr. P.

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