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R.J. Hogarth | 3 comments Enter to win 1 of 5 copies of this exciting new thriller. Open to ALL countries. This giveaway ends 11/3 so hurry to enter!

From Dust to DNA is an exciting adventure story revolving around the conflict between nonbelievers and believers in God.

Sir Ernest Everleigh is on a quest to disprove God's existence. He's an Oxford University lecturer with a cult-like following of students who rally to the atheistic cause through his philosophy course and campus debates. Sir Ernest has several projects in the works that depend on backing from very powerful people, including an expedition to Afghanistan to procure a mysterious relic--at whatever the cost.

John Rowntree may be agnostic, but he'd been teaching a religious knowledge class at an English school, until he was fired for defying the ban on religious teaching instituted by a government committee headed by Sir Ernest. When John enrolls in Sir Ernest's course, he soon finds himself engaged in a stimulating debate that brings out a new philosophy on the origins of life and models of God.

John also ends up joining the perilous pursuit of the enigmatic relic, an adventure that is a key part of Sir Ernest's ambitious plan for total victory.

Plenty of action and intrigue make From Dust to DNA a suspense thriller that offers mind-expanding insights that could change the way you think about the meaning of life and your model of God.

"This is an amazing work of fiction that addresses real and complex human phenomena including spirituality, near death experiences (and even romance) in a serious yet very entertaining and understandable way. This book , which I have read twice, is not to be missed."
-- Anelisia Nobre, Psychologist, Sao Paolo, Brazil

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R.J. Hogarth | 3 comments Hi - here is the book video

(the video focuses on the philosophical and scientific insights rather than the story )

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