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Arena One

Malia cried out when the rock hit her back. She gasped out from the pain, falling forward on the mossy floor. A thick rock hit her in the side of the head. And then another on her turned jaw. She was bloody and beaten all over. But now, she was not strong enough to lift herself up and even attempt to throw her spear. She had blacked out from all the pain that filled her before the knife punctured her back and split her skin. Though she wasn't awake to feel it, the wound spilled blood and the beating her body took was much too much. Another heavy rock settled on her and the same time as the sound of a canon shooting off in the distance.

Hyra stared at his dead District partner. "No," he whispered, falling onto his knees, realizing what he had done, what he didn't want to do, that he was panicking because he wanted to win, what he did out of haste and wished he could bring her back. "No.. No, Malia. Malia. Malia! MALIA!" Hyra yelled, knowing that she wouldn't be coming back. Her cannon had already sounded.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The winner of the 1st Hunger Games! Hyra Lade, from District One!"

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Arena Two

Crunch. Her ax lodged into Zeke's skull. Blood dribbled down his neck as the back of his head split open. He collapsed to the ground, no sound escaping him. His canon spoke for him. Delia turned onto Dom. "Sorry, your luck's run out." She charged, slamming Dom into the wall and before she could stop herself, the beast inside her came out. Her ax sliced down the middle of his stomach, and with a final swing, it sunk into his throat. She heard his gurgles within the milliseconds that it took for her ax to find his heart. "I'm sorry." She choked out. She backed away, swinging open the door to hear the cheers of the Capitol broadcast through the Arena. Cried a male voice, one she didn't recognize.

"The winner of the Second Annual Hunger Games is Cordelia Delamew!"

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