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Signs You're a Writing Pro

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Pubslush | 70 comments Mod
In one of our latest blog posts, a seasoned author boasts the ability to spot a newbie writer. Here are a few of the signs you are a writing pro and not that newbie we speak of. Check out the full list on the blog.

Do you agree with these signs? Do you have signs of your own to spot new writers? Share with us and comment below!

Meet their deadlines
Always. In this, they are the polar opposite of university students who regularly plead with their teachers for extensions.

Work to a specific word count
There’s no “writing until I feel that it’s done.” Writing a 500-word piece on the First World War, for example, is an entirely different exercise than producing a 5,000 word one. And it’s different again from a 50,000 word one. Nothing explicitly makes any of these forms better — they’re designed for different purposes.

Address needs other than writing
Writing, at times, may be painful and time consuming but, in fact, it’s only part of the publishing process. And a relatively small part at that. Professionals always think ahead and try to figure out ways to help their client or publisher.

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Erma Talamante (eitalamante) | 14 comments I agree with these, but would like to add to the first - Meet their deadlines. Real writers, as opposed to newbs, *write*.

Many new writers get discouraged, or find excuses provided by everyday life to avoid writing - often subconsciously. (I know - I used to be one.)

Experienced writers often have found through trial and error their methodologies for writing. Newbies are those still looking...

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