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Ma- Nogoy aka Mimi Write your favorite book and why u like it. Need to read 8 books before December! Thx so much!!

message 2: by Gerd (last edited Oct 27, 2014 10:12AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gerd So you're looking for book recommendations, is that it?

Gee, my current standards would be-

Annie on My Mind, by Nancy Garden
Because it's a beautiful written (Lesbian-)YA novel, with just the right mix of realism and romance. Brings back all the magic of youth and love.

The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern
Great prose, romance, magic - however seems to be one of those novels people either fall in love with or can't get into at all.

Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury
Bradbury at his best; marvelous prose in a story for all ages.

2001: A Space Odyssey, by Arthur C. Clarke
It's a classic; Clarke is IMO one of those authors you should have read at least once, and it is the book that brought me to SF.

Ma- Nogoy aka Mimi thx a lot I'll check them out. Also: Are they classic books?

message 4: by Em (new) - rated it 5 stars

Em Lou Looking for JJ, By Anne Cassidy. It's the sort of book that keeps you on your toes, always trying to figure out why the main protagonist is where she is and I just think the story has an all round amazing plot. It is also a play on stage in Theatres in London.

Flowers in the Attic, By V.C Andrews. There's some bits in the book that are very touchy subjects (For instance there is some incest) However it is a very touching story and if you read it, you'll know why it happens even though it is still wrong. The story although sad is beautiful.

Yours Faithfully, By Sheila O'Flanagan. It's a good family story with drama and uproar and just all round brilliant story.

How Will I Know, By Sheila O'Flanagan. I love this cause its funny and good rom-com book. About a woman who starts dating for the first time since her husband was killed so that she can tell her 14 year old daughter what it's like to date and be with guys. One bit is so funny she goes on a date with a Bee Exterminator that looks like David Beckham, but he takes for dinner in the dark. So their sitting eating their dinner in the dark full of a table of people that they don't even know. Brilliant story!!

I'm going to stop there, but I could go all day!!

Ma- Nogoy aka Mimi I love plays!!! Many people say for my age classic books are ridiculous but I have already read Yours Faithfully. Thanks though

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Em Lou What did you think of Yours Faithfully?

I'd say Looking for JJ has to be one of my ALL TIME favourites! It's brilliant.

Another one I like is All Because of you, By Melissa Hill. Love that one. Maeve Binchy is a good writer as well; nights of stars and rain is a good one.

Well doesn't matter how old you are; if you like it then is doesn't matter. Everyone has different tastes. Just read what interests you.

I love plays as well. I like Blood Brothers. Great Play!

Ma- Nogoy aka Mimi I like the play Much Ado About Nothing. Hilarious and thanks for the recommendation. I loves Yours Faithfully. I even had to promise my teacher I wouldn't skip to the end. (But I did anyway! hahahaha!)

message 8: by Em (new) - rated it 5 stars

Em Lou Omg! I ALWAYS skip to the end, I can't help it. I get too excited and just HAVE to read what happens at the end.

That's okay :)

I actually performed the play much ado about nothing at college. I played Beatrice. Was VERY fun!

Ma- Nogoy aka Mimi cool! I watched it when I was in 5th grade

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Gerd Ma- Nogoy aka Mimi wrote: "thx a lot I'll check them out. Also: Are they classic books?"

Not really, no.
Well, A. C. Clarke would count as classic in Science Fiction, and Bradbury is sure to become listed among the classic American authors, but none of them are classics in the sense of, say Mary Shelley or Jane Austen, much less Shakespeare. :)

If you have an eBook Reader, I could recommend looking for Kurd Laßwitz's Two Planets: A Novel by Kurd Lasswitz, he counts as a clasic - at least in the sense Jules Verne and H. G. Wells would count.
It's a Utopian Earth meets Mars novel.
Dated (it's from the 1890's) but some of Laßwitz's observation on society and some of his ideas for a perfect society are still relevant today.
You should able to find a free downlaod for that, it's in Public Domain, and it's a highly entertaining read, if you like to read SF.

For a play I would recommend Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac.

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Bea This Man trilogy . Any book byNalini Singh especially the Psy/changeling or Guild hunter series. Just cause they are awesome and I couldn't put them down

Ma- Nogoy aka Mimi Well right now I am reading Pride and Prejudice. And also the Princess Diaries(but only for fun).

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Joyce Anna Karenina

I love this book. Maybe you've already read it. What could be better than reading about a good old-fashioned love affair? There are two stories that run simultaneously; the Anna/Vronsky affair and the Levin/Kitty story. But I was intrigued with Anna's character and couldn't wait to see how it turned out.

Oliver  Quebedeaux depends on what you like, if you are a gal like me and enjoy paranormal romance novels then try:
white rabbit chronicles series(3 books)
Vampire academy series (6 books)
Bloodlines series (5 books so far)
warm bodies(1 book & prequel)
need anymore books let me know :)

Bridget Life of Pi and The Handmaid's Tale are both good books that I read for school, if that's why you need to read 8 books. They are both written for adults but are pretty compelling reads. I didn't get into a lot of the stuff we had to read in school like Great Expectations and Jane Eyre, but I highly recommend the two I mentioned first.

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message 17: by Gerd (new) - rated it 4 stars


Never heard of it, who wrote that? :)

AnJelLina Well it`s actually written by quite a few people.

Chloe My faves are:
Infernal Devices and Mortal instruments Cassandra Clare
Divergent series Veronica Roth
Covenant series Jennifer Armentrout
Hush Hush series Becca Fitzpatrick
Rose Gardner Mysteries Denise Grover Swank
Miss Fortune Mystery series Jana Deleon
The Iron Fey series Julie Kagawa
The Pledge series Kimberly Derting
Archers of Avalon series Chelsea Fine
Ghost in Law series Jana Deleon
Lux series Jennifer Armentrout
Under the Never Sky series Veronica Rossi
Shatter me series Tahereh Mafi
Existence trilogy Abbi Glines
Weather Witch and 13 to life by Shannon Delany
Legend series Marie Lu
Sweet Evil series Wendy Higgins
Elemental series Brigid Kemmerer
Violet Eden chapters Jessica Shirvington
Vampire Academy series Richelle Mead
Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer
anything by Christie Craig or C.C. Hunter....and a bunch more but here is a good list to start with. Enjoy!!

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Gerd Angela wrote: "Well it`s actually written by quite a few people."

In a shared world concept, where different authors tell different stories each creating his or her own characters, then?
What's it about?
Which genre would you say it falls into?

AnJelLina Gerd wrote: "Angela wrote: "Well it`s actually written by quite a few people."

In a shared world concept, where different authors tell different stories each creating his or her own characters, then?
What's it..."

Well, its actually one of my religious book and it talks about the world in so many ways.

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