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message 1: by Brogan (new)

Brogan | 290 comments Mod
Revive, Kill, Marry, Swap(bodies with)

message 2: by Sammy (new)

Sammy (SammyHope) | 113 comments Don't you have to give four people and then the next person would put those four people into those four categories (revive, kill, marry, swap) and then that person would give four more people? Or is this a different game?

message 3: by Brogan (new)

Brogan | 290 comments Mod
choose out of Will Herondale, Tobias, Peeta Mellark and Daemon Black

message 4: by Sammy (last edited Dec 06, 2014 05:22AM) (new)

Sammy (SammyHope) | 113 comments Revive Daemon Black, Kill Will Herondale, Marry Peeta Mellark, and swap bodies with Tobias.

Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson), Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games), Harry Potter (Harry Potter), and Prince Kai (Lunar Chronicles).

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