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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) Is this group no longer active?

message 2: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments As far as I know. What can we do to change that?

message 3: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) I'm not sure Kressel. Is there an Admin for the group?

message 4: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments Don't know. But if you're curious, there's a Toastmasters meeting at the Pearl River library tonight at 7 pm. That's for public speaking, but the first step in giving a speech is writing a speech.

message 5: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) Thank you Kressel! I'll try to fit it in. I'd love to find a writing group that meets locally where the group could share ideas, encourage and critique.

message 6: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments Toastmasters has a very specific method. Google it. The Pearl River chapter is called "Sunset Toastmasters."

message 7: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) Yes, I'm familiar with Toastmasters having been a member some years back.

message 8: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments In Pearl River or another club? BTW, I'm one of tonight's speakers.

message 9: by Maria (new)

Maria (beachwalkermari) Oh, that was in New Mexico when I was with Bank of America. It was an interesting time as a member and have always appreciated the education.
If I can fit it in, I will try to attend. What is your topic?

message 10: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 9 comments Halloween versus Purim (the Jewish holiday)

message 11: by Howard (new)

Howard H. | 13 comments From ROCKLAND COUNTY award winning author:
Book #8 By: Howard H. Schack
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message 12: by Denise (new)

Denise | 6 comments Kressel wrote: "Halloween versus Purim (the Jewish holiday)"
Sorry I missed it. It is an interesting topic.

message 13: by Monica (last edited Jan 05, 2015 07:22AM) (new)

Monica T. Rodriguez (monicatrodriguez) @Maria, to your original question (I'm just seeing it now, b/c I've gotten out of the habit of checking the group - perhaps an answer right there), at least since I joined a few years ago, it never that seemed this group was very active. At the most, there was sporadic activity. It's unfortunate, since I'm sure there are plenty of writers in Rockland!

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