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The Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1)
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Jessica Folded Between the Pages of Books (jessilovesbooks) | 364 comments This thread is for general discussion. Please be sure to mark all spoilers by using [spoiler] before the text and [/spoiler] after the text, replacing the []s with <>s.


Alison Morquecho (thebookishcamper) | 525 comments woohoo!!

Jessica Folded Between the Pages of Books (jessilovesbooks) | 364 comments I'm about 80% of the way through. It took me a while to get into since fantasy isn't usually my thing. But this one isn't too fantastical - she doesn't waste a whole lot of time going into bunches of details about the world, which I appreciate.
Now that I'm into it, it's pretty awesome. Not as awesome as Legend, but what can you really expect? lol

Wren (wrenlee) I think the story is a bit odd. I'll admit that the main girl is...annoying. To me. I like anti-heroes. But she just annoyed me. She was a bit on the whiny side. I hope she improves...

Alison Morquecho (thebookishcamper) | 525 comments gonna pick this the next few days. with Christmas getting close ive been super.busy

Kaye Yes I'm having a hard time reading this because of the protagonist. But its on my shelves to finish for December.

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