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Is Davy Prentiss a good chracter?
Amber'Nay Amber'Nay Oct 27, 2014 05:07AM
I really love the character of Davy Prentiss and i really fell he has a complete character arch. He went from being a terrible person to a boy who just wanted to please his father but is betrayed by that one motivation. it is terribly sad and i even shed a few tears. i think Davy is a good character (i even think he is the most adorable because of him and Todd relationship)

Yeah, me too. I cried when (view spoiler) I blamed the author. He made us hate him in the first book and fall in love with him here and (view spoiler) that's not fair!

Yeah he's a good dude

He was an awesome character :') He should have lasted until the last book.

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